Published by Charley Waffle

Born in Loveland, CO. Generation X-er. Grew up in the Arvada/Wheatridge area. Found out I was adopted about a year ago at the age of 48. Was homeless for a total of 7 years. Changed my perception and reality in ways that I am grateful to have experienced that. I wouldn't trade it. Suffered a TBI a few years ago. Have plates in my head under a egg size hole in my skull. I now live in transitional housing, which, at times, I felt safer outside than I do living where I live. Have 2 tween. Boy and a girl. Have not really been in technology for almost 10 years. I've lived in the bay area for 15 years. Lived in Darby, MT at Triple Creek Guest Ranch, where there were 50 kids in my jr. year. Some classes had the same teacher. Hunted on horseback. I've realized that I have a lot of life experience on just random, weird things. People have wanted me to write a book. That would take too long. That's why I started this blog. Recently got my Australian Shepard/Border Collie. Named her Charley Waffle. Found out I have dual citizenship. Belgium descent. Love reading, watching movies, being outside. I think the outside part may be from living in Colorado, and part from experiencing homelessness. I have different values and perceptions now. Life is interesting. I want to share with no one in particular. I want to write some of my experiences here. Turned 50, and got Charley Waffle.

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