This is what I found at dollar tree. Those Duck Strips are actually ready ok. 5 ingredients. They can do without the salt. The foam balls…..HIT. THE Geek Parenting is a total must for gen-x parents. Oh. Got some sunglasses too but yeah I got two of those because I wanna toss it to one of my friends but it flies all that so anyway I’m going back to my squishy been and we’re gonna play I’m sure for the rest of the day

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A lot of things can happen in a half century. Life is so weird. From Colorado, moved to CA, lived in Darby, MT, moved to WA. Became homeless for 7 years total. Changed my perspective. Subsidized housing. Recently found out I'm adopted. 50 % Polish, 50 % Belgium, 1st generation. Have my Charley Waffle, and just try to roll with whatever comes our way!