Ella Vader

That is the name of Charley’s new furry friend. I was wanting to get a kitten or puppy, anything that would give her a…. I don’t know….a bit of challenge? Maybe?

I wrote that she got a kitty. What happened about 3 days later was unbelievable, and absolutely gross at the time. Made me want to puke.

I went to leave with Charley Waffle and had pushed the elevator button for down. Our building has only one working elevator, and it takes FOREVER to ping on my floor and open to give access to up or down. As soon as I punched it I realized my phone was on LOW BATTERY…gross…..and I had left my portable charger in our apartment. So, I hurried back to the door and unlocked it, (we are talking maybe 20 feet) and darted to get the charger on my counter, and darted back to the front door.

In the meantime I had noticed as soon as I unlocked the front door she, kitty, had pounced out into the hallway. She had been out there before, but I knew Charley was in a frisky mood because she knew we were going on one of our adventures. It was literally 10 seconds, if max, by the time I grabbed my charger and to the front door. I looked at Charley, who was sitting at the front door , and I asked her, “Where is the kitty?” I looked up and down the hallway, and I saw nothing. Charley kept looking towards the laundry room, and I watched her go towards that door with her nose to the ground. I heard a ding, the elevator ding, and I ran to the elevator just as it was closing. I punched furiously to open, the floor number, hit it and hit it. The door had closed. I looked at Charley, (poor thing) and said frantically, “Where did she go? Where did she go?”*

I bolted down the fire steps, whatever they want to call it, all the way around to the front desk of the building, ran to the elevator and proceeded to stop at every floor.

On floor 6 I saw a gentleman going into his apartment and asked strongly, “Have you seen a Kitten?” He replied, ” is that your cat? Man, I tried to get it but it ran into the elevator into the sides of the shafts.” I asked strongly, ” so you have seen her? ” He told me he had already called the animal people, and, you know what lady, it’s not my problem.” He went into his apartment and shut the door. I ran around like a crazy lady, swooped up Charley and told her to let me know where she was. We kept hearing something, I swear a meow, in the first floor elevator, and we kept calling to her. I knew she knew Charley, and there were a few times her head snapped and looked at me at the same time I snapped and looked at her. I swear we heard her. I tossed some Meow Mix down to the bottom of the elevator.

I spent the whole night worried, dying, crying, thinking I was the worst person ever. The firemen said they couldn’t do anything because it was up to the management to let them into that room. God,. talk about one of the longest nights. They ( elevator people) came the next morning, said there was no kitten, or no Kitten’s body down below.

Finally, I got a message that management, Michelle ( I LOVE YOU- FIRST HILL MGMT.) called and said she found out where my kitty was. It happened to be in the best place ever. Amber’s house.

Amber is the ultimate cat lady. First time she moved in she had this fattest racoon looking thing, and staff asked her, “What is that?” It was her cat of 18 years, and had been with her when he was a kitten, and she absolutely loved him. He was a lump of cat and fat. I would guess 30 or so pounds. They let him walk up and down the halls. He had been homeless with her. He passed about 6 months after Amber got her first housing.

She told me she saw her (kitty) on the 7th floor elevator, swiped her (kitty) up and held her, trying to see who was the owner. I had put up flyers, and she came knocking. “Hey, is this your kitty?”

Long story be told.

Charley missed her. So did I. But Charley actually cares for her. That is all that matters.

So, Ella Vader is her name. From the 3rd floor, riding the elevator, going to the shafts, winding up on the 7th floor. Silly kitty. She is here to stay. God, hopefully. She recently climbed up the screen of our window, causing it to drop, accessing the world below. We shall see.

The plot thickens. With absolute fun.

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