So we went thru all that in my gosh, remember this, remember that, and how when we met we were 32 friggin years old. And we were HOT. At 32 fifty still seemed like such an unthinkable, unreachable age. Well hello!! Here we are!!!


I like what Moira Rose says in Schitts Creek. About taking a lot of naked pictures of yourself when you are young. There will be a day when realization of that youthful body will never and ever be like that again. DANG IF I’D KNOWN WHAT I DO NOW….(that is another saying that is over used but so true. Just like AA STATEMENTS. Let go, One day at time, ETC I hate hearing them. I hate the fact that they are true and pack a powerful punch. It’s just so ironically funny.

50 is so, oh like turning the page, like passing of a torch….I mean ask those things that are so cliché yet I really don’t have words

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