Charley’s title “LAST ONE STANDING” reign is over

Ok, so this is quite spectacular and almost unbelievable. We have been exploring quite a lot lately and this night decided to walk UP the hill away from the apartment to another neighborhood and to a Trader Joe’s. This one is located in Eastlake, and is by far larger and roomier than the University DistrictContinue reading “Charley’s title “LAST ONE STANDING” reign is over”

She’s back

I read somewhere when there are large gaps between journal entries is actually a time in growth that might be recognized later. I’ve recognized…SHE’s BACK!!!! All healed and all herder!!!! I never finished this post because what I was going to say is during the time she was recuperating from her surgery I was ableContinue reading “She’s back”

No more pills. Too much ice cream. 7/2/21

Today, or actually last night was the last night that I had to forcibly put, (almost shove) Charley’s pills down her throat. She is done with both antibiotics, one for her initial injury day 1, and a second one for her surgery(ies) and extra Trazodone to keep her “mello” . And codeine. Which knocked herContinue reading “No more pills. Too much ice cream. 7/2/21”


Because Charley is injured, and I’ve been told to keep her down for at least a week. Meaning no play, jumpy jumpies, no balls, no running after her bunny that LOVES to ANTAGONIZE her. i SWEAR, EVERY TIME we head to the labyrinth this dang little bunny, tan and cute, pops up right in Charley’sContinue reading “BUNNY LOVE”


Charley, after getting slaughtered by what we think was a branch, had her surgery to stitch up the flap of skin that was dangling grossly on her side. The surgery was clear across town, in White Center. Not having a car and taking the bus is not a problem as long as it is theContinue reading “CHARLEY, TALI, RODNEY KING,& DON’t TAKE THE CONE OFF”


Charley & I waiting for street car. CHARLEY DAY 2 We have been slowly recovering from Charley’s wound. The vet at Urban Animal told me I had to keep Charley down for a whole week. That meant no jumping, no playing, running. Just simple walks around the block. That was it.  She did getContinue reading “RECOVERY Day 3”