I had no idea instinct rules

I am feeling a bit embarrassed, ignorant, and just, well, dumb. Charley went into heat for the second time. I was going to take her in to get spayed the weekend before she spotted, but something came up, so that didn’t happen. I wasn’t too concerned because My last dog that passed, LB June, aContinue reading “I had no idea instinct rules”


“A DINGO ATE MY BABY” “Wow! Is your dog a Dingo?” I’ve been asked if she is Blue Healer, a cattle dog, and lastly, an Australian/Border Collie. I had to see how closely she resembles a Dingo. I only know their home is Australia, and the late Steve Irwin talked about them. I believe heContinue reading “CHARLEY IS A DINGO-O-O”

Lake Union Park…briefly

I constantly try to up my game to keep up with a now, 1 year old Herder, Bubble -Gum – Butt Charley Waffle. I’m finding Seattle parks and surrounding areas have shrunk significantly. They’ve become too familiar to Charley, which in turn makes it more challenging to keep her interest. She is always looking forContinue reading “Lake Union Park…briefly”

What? Instructions? Uh?

I have this poster that lists the rules of life, and at one point I had cut each strip that contained an instruction. I was going to do some collage/art/frame… anything to make it more beautiful. You know, I have those strips in my bottom craft dresser thingy, and I was very proud that IContinue reading “What? Instructions? Uh?”

Don’t mean to burst your bubble, er, balloon…..

I wanted to get Holden, for his birthday, 23(!) a big bouquet of balloons. I think it is kinda cute when I see men carry a big thing of balloons. I’m not sure why, but it’s kinda sweet. Plus, he was about to get married in a week or so. I got the idea whenContinue reading “Don’t mean to burst your bubble, er, balloon…..”