Man, things are so much different now.

This was written 4/21/21 Bad Charley +Bad Recall = Bad Me

I’m having a MAJOR and troubling situation with Charley. Very troubling. Yesterday we were having a great, awesome, easy day. I was really feeling like Charley and I have been “communicating” with our human and dog relationship. We tease each other constantly and we know how to play together and we both have fun.

I’ve been giving her more freedom as far as off leash in places like vacant parking lots, or little parks that are tucked in the middle of neighborhoods that pop up unexpectedly and feel like the best kept secret in that moment.

Because she was being so good and so sweet I decided to take her to one of those unexpected parks we had found when she was a pup that she still remembers by the way of her pull. I had her favorite toys with me so I thought PERFECT!!!!

However I brought a ball similar to the red ball, which reminds me I’ve yet to finish telling that story I started previously about the red ball, which is actually a prelude to this story. The ball with me was even bigger than the red bouncy ball but not as bouncy. It is Bouncier than the red ball in a totally different bouncy way. And it WAS yellow. Notice past tense.

As soon as we got to that little grassyknoll I suddenly remembered why I’d been avoiding it. It was on that grassy knoll that she’d sent a ball, that was the SAME TYPE OF BALL she’d sent down the street WHERE I’d gone diving under a car to retrieve it. I’ll continue this story later.

I do a lot of writing when I’m on the bus and I’ll go back to look at what I wrote and sometimes I can’t understand or follow.