Man, things are so much different now.

Back to the story. At this little obscure patch of grass that’s on the side of a church we start kicking the soccer ball and a broken down tennis ball back and forth, and I don’t know exactly what happened but all of a sudden that yellow ball popped up from out of my backpack.

Somehow the ball escaped, and being “”old” I wasn’t able to spring to my feet, I watch in helpless horror and absolutely no control as the ball takes flight down this 10 feet of total decline, bounce with glee and roll into the street , gaining momentum at 4 o clock in the afternoon with cars, not a lot but a steady random flow as my Charley Waffle, with her tail high and eager, her eyes bright and focused on one thing…… that yellow ball. She was devoid of any acknowledgment that cars were slowing down, stopping, people looking at her and searching for the irresponsible owner who is letting her dog, an unleashed puppy, and a beautiful one, so as people tell me at least once a day, chasing some ball around in the middle of downtown. Seriously, cars were stopped, people on the sidewalk stopping to look at what was going on. Right by St James cathedral.

Suddenly Thoughts of people that had come up to me asking weird things like was I looking to sell my dog? Is that dog fixed? And then, Babies? Some random person who has a cocker lab chow mix outside of 7 11 asked me.

What did I do? I said her name in my Now voice, which usually works, but not even a glance. Once I got up, totally mortified and my face red hot with embarrassment and shame, I tried my last ditch effort that USED TO ALWAYS WORK, I pretended to walk away. That one was the one that made her come,…. in the past. I even went around the corner and waited. Nothing. I listened for a Yelp, screeching tires, Anything to know she was still there. I finally went back where this all started and she was still trying around looking for the ball She finally snapped out of it and came to me at that moment I felt a mix of emotions. I FELT HURT. I FELT BETRAYED Because we were getting along so well. We even had our little “WHO’S THE ALPHA FEMALE TODAY” things but nothing like her total lack of respect. I told her I felt that I can’t trust her. I told her I’d given her trust that she wouldn’t run off when I took the leash off. It comes right down to I scared. I told her she was so close to being hit. But it wasn’t until I told her that I’d trusted her andi felt let down when I saw this weird shift in her eyes that only one other person has seen. MIKE. . She held eye contact. Her face shifted from a floppy wobbly tail wagging puppy to a seriously that oh I don’t know. A librarian. A schoolteacher. A professor. A very intelligent spirit. NO FLIPPING JOKE.

AND Paul from Wally Pets in Wallingfordtold me to keep a vigil eye on my pup because her just talked to a girl that had taken her dog to….CAL ANDERSON PARK and somebody took her dog. Luckily she got her dog back and all’s well but I’m not all’s well. That’s why I’ve been letting her out of her leash because it’s harder to grab a dog, especially her if she has no leash. It’s stuff like that that makes me paranoid all of a sudden about thinking about those comments.



First time was in the morning while herding balls. We were walking back to my, our, place and she took off after the ball that she dropped from her mouth This happened to be right by a freeway entrance. I told her she knows better than that and next time I wouldn’t rescue the ball. She did it again and I let it go but after taking her home was then I went and retrieved it.

She did it again except with the big blue ball. I had assumed it wouldn’t go down like that but walking to our vacant Polyparking lot it started rolling. I have to mention I’d been letting her walk down the alley with no leash, but this morning , the big blue herding ball and her got starting rolli loose and the blue ball She took off like a rogue dog. Did not even look it was then that I realized I pulled a gluteus Maximus muscle. Once again I looked in horror and complete helplessness. I rounded the corner and one of the construction guys has stopped the ball He said he was worried because he sees us every morning playing and saw her by herself. I’m glad someone was there to catch her.

I called Mike and he told me that because she is a herder the instinct to get the roaming sheep or calf is so strong that is all she thinks about is to retrieve the ball/sheep

So I’ve been avidly looking up new articles, or new to me, about dogs that herd. See you tube videos about about my little Charley Waffle’s breed.

Dang, I get long winded!