Charley’s Adventures

  • Not Finders keepers
    But FINDER FINDER We just got back from Virginia Mason Hospital to get my wallet back. Unbelievable. What is even more unbelievable is the person who found my wallet searched my name from my ID and messenger ‘d me. No joke. I was absolutely in shock. Amazed. How extremely outstanding is that? We were in … Continue reading Not Finders keepers
  • Omphalophobia, and Popsicle Sticks.
    Omphalophobia, and Popsicle Sticks. — Read on Popsicle sticks give me the Willie’s
  • Really roaches friggin agh
    Charley was kicking it in her room last night defying the harness, and irking me, when all of a sudden I saw her jump, look wildly around, jump again, and then her head erratically followed the trail of something running on or by her. It looked as if somebody was using the red laser pointy … Continue reading Really roaches friggin agh
  • “I really want to go…”
    Charley is fighting me in wearing her harness. I get ready to go (we were going to go to Green Lake) and she hears the harness coming out and she quickly runs into her room. I usually close the door before I bring it out but I forgot this time. It’s just funny, I’m trying … Continue reading “I really want to go…”
  • Seems like old times
    These last few days have been jammed-packed with my “Adventures with Charley” leading to those days blending into one or running into 5. Twice, in two days, my Saturday and Sunday, this weekend, I woke up to my alarm, and as usual, rustled out of bed, turned on the news, and realized my usual Monday … Continue reading Seems like old times
  • Canoe can you?
    That’s it. We are at Greenlake and we just saw a gal push her canoe into the lake…..WITH HER DOG!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Charley would LOVE it!!! So canoe hunting has begun!!!
  • I’m not the only one
    I was getting on the elevator at my apartment when the door opened and another resident, D, and his obnoxious Chihuahua, Jack, were in there. Both of us had some hesitation about sharing the ride downstairs with Jack, for I’ve gotten into an argument with D about his dog after Charley had been backed into … Continue reading I’m not the only one
  • That Guy in the River
    It’s Monday and it’s going to be 65 degrees. It was rainy all weekend so Charley and I didn’t do a lot. I tried to complete trivial things such as sewing the button back on a shirt I really love, organizing my pictures, or untangling my cords behind my tv. Pain in the butt, yet … Continue reading That Guy in the River
  • Ballard Locks.
  • Lovely Wednesday
    What started out as a little “ride the bus to the park” day turned into running into an old friend, Kevin, meeting a postman named Gabriel, and being introduced to Mod, the dog, whose owner told us about a little park under the bridge by the freeway. All in that order. Mod’s owner and I … Continue reading Lovely Wednesday
  • In Search of…..
    WHOOP! WHOOP! KNOCK-KNOCK, DID YOU HEAR THAT?? Lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on Tubi regarding aliens, UFO’S, scariest places and people, and other random things that Tubi will just keep looping random show after random show. I started getting into the Big Foot documentaries. I think I kept watching them because I … Continue reading In Search of…..
  • Simply Charley
    2 balls is all
  • Marvelous Charley
    We had the most marvelous Sunday. I don’t know if that sentence was put together properly but I don’t care. (Most marvelous) Lately I’ve been having issues with Charley as far as her wigging out at certain locations. There’s something that all of a sudden causes great intrepedation within her. She’ll freeze, stand solid still, … Continue reading Marvelous Charley
    Every time Charley walks ahead of me I giggle. She’ll be prancing with her head and tail high, and her little butt moves side to side. Her back legs move quicker than her front, so she trots at an angle. But, ha ha, she’s got the cutest little butt. I’ll pinch it, and she just … Continue reading CHARLEY’S GOT A LITTLE BUTT, oh yeah!
    It’s been over two weeks since I’ve seen Charley smile. Last week she went to the vet for shots and a general check up. Because of Covid I’ve never met her vet , which I’m not too cool with that, so it’s a just a drop and go. Call me when she’s ready. Four hours … Continue reading I TRUSTED YOU
  • I love my Squishy Bean
    Man, oh man. Charley, A.K.A. Bo-Bo’s, Love-Love, Bubblegum-Butt, Squishy, SQUISHY-BEAN, Sweetheart, and Butthead are my little names for Charley. Rarely do I call her Charley. Anyway, today the apartment management is supposed to come in and fix the plumbing. Or put a BandAid on it. And hope for better weather. A year and half ago … Continue reading I love my Squishy Bean
  • Coda And Cheesecake
    Compliments of Regrade Park, SEATTLE Today Charley had to go to my doctor’s appointment at 9:30 because maintenance was coming in and we both had to be here, or we would both leave together. Bottom line is they didn’t want Charley to be left alone while they enter our place. Which, I get. I don’t … Continue reading Coda And Cheesecake

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