Dog parks for Downtown Seattle Dogs

No balls to 4 balls

This morning we went for our routine walk. I didn’t take any balls or flying discs because she likes to hide them in the bushes where I can’t find them, and then someone or something takes them.

We ended up at our favorite spot, the Labyrinth at the University.

Miraculously there were 2 of her PETCO flyers, and, after she disappeared for a moment, I turned around and there was 3 balls.

Oh, and I found one of our CHUCK-IT orange balls. I had found it when I tossed it in bushes 8 months ago.

Before we had found the PETCO flyers, which she likes to hold one in her mouth and use it as a blocker when I throw the tennis ball. This is what she came up with

She got very inventive. She found a stick.

Definition of Laughter

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision."she couldn't help laughing at his jokes" · [more]synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · snigger · snicker · cackle · howl · [more]NOUNan act of laughing."she gave a loud, silly laugh"synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · ha-ha · tee-hee · snigger · roar of laughter · hoot of laughter · shriek of laughter · peal of laughter · belly laughinformal(a laugh)something that causes laughter; a source of fun, amusement, or derision."she decided to play along with him for a laugh" · [more]synonyms:joke · prank · piece of fun · jest · escapade · adventure · caper · romp · practical joke · trick · bit of mischief · shenanigans · horseplay · lark · giggle · hoot

They say the average person laughs 17 times a day. Sometimes that seems like a lot. Other times very few. So I got to counting. I was in single digits. Charley has made my laughter back up to double digits. Even more. I am so grateful for her.

That Guy in the River

It’s Monday and it’s going to be 65 degrees. It was rainy all weekend so Charley and I didn’t do a lot. I tried to complete trivial things such as sewing the button back on a shirt I really love, organizing my pictures, or untangling my cords behind my tv. Pain in the butt, yet very satisfying if completed.

I didn’t get much completed. It’s extremely difficult when Charley is either deliberately shooting laser beams out of her eyes at me, wondering why we can’t play ball inside, or hurl her Indestructible Ball down the hallway, outside, which we’ve done before. . Her Last ditch effort is to bust out her adorable cute moves that always gets me laughing)( Definition of Laughter )til I am saying, “Awww….” Ok. She wins.

This weekend, being cooped up with a non-stop bigger than life, cyborg Charley Waffle in a teeny tiny apartment was tough. I was a bit tired of her stare, and the way she was following me everywhere…..EVERYWHERE. Sweet little girl. They say (U mean Caesar Milan) that is what they do in the wild when they are in packs. They stick together.

I have to admit I was glad to go to work Monday, but I could tell she had really liked us hanging out as close as we had to did. Her morning Monday woes seemed worse that morning and I was feeling guilty about wanting to leave for the day ASAP.

Before I leave, I usually put on DOG TV, or DR SAXLOVE, or anything that is slow jazz, but I tried to think of something different she might want to watch.

Suddenly I remembered getting home one day to YouTube playing a whole new set of videos on the tv I’d never seen, on a loop. This particular video had this guy who resembled the paper towel BRAWNY’’s brother, in a canoe with a couple of dogs, one dog on the canoe, the other 2 swimming around in the water. One of the dog’s name was Charley, so every time Brawny’s Bro would say something to his Charley, my Charley was all ears. I sat down and began to watch it with Charley, and before I knew it I was completely absorbed.

He ad-libs during the videos, chatting about each dog, talking about temperament, differences, about their different personalities, regardless of the breed, and what each one likes, all the time firmly but gently guiding them in a training session.

I wanted to put a few of those videos on for her to watch that morning, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name, or site title. Even searching my history I was not able to find this mysterious mountain man.

I couldn’t think of anything else so inside the box of Google search I typed in “THAT GUY IN THE RIVER’ ON A CANOE WITH DOGS.”? I had tried googling TRAINING YOUR DOG TO GO ON A CANOE.” Other renditions were executed, but I ended up with who I was looking for.

His name is STONNIE DENNIS. I really like his videos, with his Kentucky drawl and laid back approach. He was pretty knowledgeable when it came to all different kind of breeds, and he didn’t seem to be like the main stream dog trainer that I usually see on several YouTube videos. I like his name as well. I had an uncle by the name of Dennis. Maybe that is why…


Mountain Man Stonnie

So, if somebody is looking for a different and unique YOUTUBE DIY dog training video, Stonnie Dennis has several ones out there. Or, if looking for some music to calm your pet, or even another human down, please check out DogTv, or Dr.SaxLove. That will also lead to other calming videos anywhere from meditation to rejuvination to relaxation. It is what we listen to every nite at 10:00 p.m. that works every time. I usually go to sleep within 10 minutes of listening to them, only to awake with drool on my pillow. Gross, I know. But truth!

The other morning I woke up to Charley lying right next to me, both of us on our back, our heads together, with her 2 front feet fully extended, and her snoring. No joke!

**Written 5/16/2022 monday


We made 3 friends today. Actually, I guess just 2. No, wait. We met a total of 4 new friends, but only 2 of them I know their names.

We met Katie, a cattle dog like Charley that was black and white and a bit tinier than her. The one thing is that she was a real cattle dog. Her owner lives out on a ranch in Southern California that has goats and sheep and cows (CAN I GET AN WHAS UP??!!! WOULDN’T THAT BE THE ULTIMATE!!!) and that is what Katie does all day, is herd goats and sheep and cows. She had no idea what Charley was doing or talking about when she was busy catching balls and flying discs. She would just run after Charley and chase her, not quite knowing what Charley was herding. Charley on the other hand, was too concerned on playing keep my toy away from her and probably confused as to why she didn’t really have to protect her toys. Why doesn’t Katie give me a good fight for my things?

It turns out that Katie’s owner was house sitting for a gal down the street that flew her and Katie in to stay a whole month to watch her 2 cats. They’d never met, but at the last minute her lady that usually watches her cats had something come up. I guess she saw her on this site called Home Helpers, or something like that, and contacted her. She bought the crate for Katie to fly, and tickets for both. Katie’s owner said that she has been doing gigs like that since 2015. House sitting and moving her and there with Katie. Katie has her own facebook profile, and so does she.

I couldn’t help thinking that would be the absolute ultimate. To be able to travel to different places with Charley and experience different neighborhoods and towns and, possibly states. What a cool little niche, I swear.

Leon came along a bit later, and Katie took a dash over to him until her owner said, “hey! We’ve met! That is why Katie is going over there! We met at Cal Anderson!” Leon was a fluffy, adorable mini Australian Shepard with longer hair that was QUICK AS FIRE and liked to run, run, run. But, Leon was very interested in Charley’s flying discs. He had his own ball, but still wanted hers, but knew how to play with it. I told Charley to hold on while I picked up a Jawz disc and tossed it gently to Leon, who, at the last minute, caught a part of it in his jaws before it dropped. But that started the game rolling. I would try further throws, until it seemed he was catching on. Charley didn’t want any of that, because she was the pro, not him. So, right when I threw a pretty decent Leon-sized throw, out of sideways left came a flight-in-the-air Charley and intercepted.

Leon’s owner was very excited about this. Then, she remembered that it was going to be Leon’s 1st birthday and they were having a puppy party at Cal Anderson on June 1st around 4 p.m., and would we like to go? Katie and Charley?

Of course! We all agreed we’d go at see each other on that day for Leon’s birthday party.

As Charley and I were going home I realized I had no idea what the other gals names were. Just their dogs. I wonder if they realized that too?

Lovely Wednesday

What started out as a little “ride the bus to the park” day turned into running into an old friend, Kevin, meeting a postman named Gabriel, and being introduced to Mod, the dog, whose owner told us about a little park under the bridge by the freeway.

All in that order.

Mod’s owner and I started exchanging our experience of different dog parks in and around the city. That’s when he asked me if I knew about the little beach that had steps leading down to the water. It was right under the bridge going to Seattle. He said it was a short walk from where we were sitting and chatting.

After a few stumbles into BlackBerry bushes and dead ends on the waterfront finally got us to our destination.

OH, Best off All,


Here are some pictures:

So close, so close. Can’t you just feel the agony?

I can’t believe this little park, a Diamond in the rough, existed.

People have weird reactions when I say we’re going to the park under the bridge.

I’ll just say that there is Beauty Beneath Bridge in Ballard. Or, in Ballard, Behold! Beauty Beneath Bridge! Or, Beauty Beneath Ballard’s Bridge.

I know! Behold! Beautiful Beneath BALLARD’S BRIDGE!

In Search of…..


Lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on Tubi regarding aliens, UFO’S, scariest places and people, and other random things that Tubi will just keep looping random show after random show.

I started getting into the Big Foot documentaries. I think I kept watching them because I noticed Charley was somewhat interested. Especially one particular individual grabbed her attention.

His name is Jason Kenzie, an “ADVENTURER and a “Photo Journalist“, or, my favorite, a “PHOTO WARRIOR” according to his website. And T-shirt!


I wasn’t paying attention at first, I just noticed Charley was being occupied by something other than what I was doing. Then I noticed her facial expressions and ears were fluctuating, so I started to watch.

I was like, seriously? Is this guy for real? With his jeans and leather jacket, and a tiny hint of a lisp. Is he making a spoof or what? This is so silly. He was making the call that “official” Big Foot seekers do, which is a big WHOOP WHOOP!! Then he busted out a strategy that’s supposed to awaken them, and that is to strike a tree with a huge branch KNOCK! KNOCK!!! Him and his cameraman, friend, whoever was around would all of a sudden freeze… Then, all would start repeating, “Did you hear that? Did you hear that?” They’d continue to walk a bit, getting very excited about one little leaf branch had been broken, or some disturbed ground. All the time he’d be narrating, either on camera, or as a voice over, in a very excited (sarcastic?) way. But, I found myself glued to the screen. He started to make me giggle. I ended up watching both of Sasquatch I and II. So did Charley. At the end of the first film he ends it with a meant-to-make-you-jump boo, in which it worked, because both of us actually jumped.

It wasn’t until I watched a couple other docs about the subject when I realized that he absolutely got it all right. Not much happens when out on a quest, but a whoop, sometimes from the unknown, or a few knocks, but almost always in all documentaries was “Did you hear that?” He was for real. He put some kiddish awe in the search. Everybody really seemed to like him as well.

What was really cool is that he found one of the tree structures the species supposedly erected throughout the forest. And, because they (researchers) think it means “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he ends up tying a hammock under it and sleeps under the branches. He comments that it is probably the safest place, for people- people won’t pass, and neither will Big Foot on their side. It showed he was neutral.

What I found was I quite liked him. Whether he was being silly, serious, Real, sarcastic, it didn’t matter. He was refreshing and fun. Plus, he was able to go on an expedition with some of the serious hardcore Sasquatch Finders. The major players.

They even called him to go on a Sasquatchedition, a meeting of all seekers and witnesses and believers. He even was a guest speaker at the event!

In Jason’s Kenzie’s words, “Is that exciting or what?”

But what is exciting to me is I wrote him an email, and guess what??? He wrote back!! I invited him to come to Seattle where we have sightings, of Sasquatch and Aliens.

I would have never known about this guy, or how this Big Foot is a ..BIG THING if it weren’t for Charley’s absolute attention and funny reactions.

Thank you Charley! I would have probably never put a doc on about that subject unless I’ve been having to restructure my routine a bit so we are both content. And, Thank you Jason! Put a definite smile on my face and heart!!! I believe because of you two!!!


Simply Charley

She had the time of her life last night with her two balls. We walked up to Seattle U where they just recently removed the barriers from around the field so humans and animals are free to walk and play and the students can study on the grass. I guess it was cordoned off to give the area a rebirth, because now it is thick and lush, and deep, whereas it was patchy and bare before.

And I’m writing really stupidly because I’m just trying to get this down before I forget this pleasant feeling. I feel I’m writing English 101.

Going on our end of the night walk I could only find one Chuck-It ball , (her fav) and one 🎾 . (My fav). I told her we weren’t going to bring any flying discs or a the Chuck-It launcher. Just two balls. That’s it.


She turned to me and stared, wagging her tail and looking at my purse, where the two balls resided. I took one out, threw it, and took the other one out and tossed that one in the air She automatically caught the first one and held it in her mouth, then volleyed the other ball off of what was in her mouth. She got all excited, and waited with bright eyes for me to kick or throw the other ball again. And again. And again.

It was getting pretty redundant for me. While she’d run after the second ball and stop it with her paws or her nose, I’d have to walk to it and kick/throw it all over again.

I was just about to tell her it was getting old, let’s go when I happened to stop and look at her. Her tail had this puppy wag about it that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Her ears were floppy, and she had the biggest grin, wrapped around the ball in her mouth. She was having a blast. She would stop the ball and act as if she was saving the world.  She’d follow it with a VICTORY-DANCE in a full circle around the one ball. Her back was arched and her tail looked like it belonged on an Arabian horse.  

I couldn’t help smiling. The rain started slightly, but I swear, and this is going to sound cheesy, there was absolute sunshine surrounding us.

God she was adorable.

I think sometimes I run her too hard. It just seems she wants it. I can never run her out. But maybe she just wants to play. Play like the little puppy she still is.

It was absolutely a glorious evening.

We’ve had two days that just seemed to flow. I am so content. She’s content as well, i I believe.

Marvelous Charley

We had the most marvelous Sunday. I don’t know if that sentence was put together properly but I don’t care. (Most marvelous)

Lately I’ve been having issues with Charley as far as her wigging out at certain locations. There’s something that all of a sudden causes great intrepedation within her. She’ll freeze, stand solid still, and WILL NOT BUDGE. She’s gone as far as backing out of her harness and, laying close to the ground, creep erratically away. I have learned to let her go for a few 50 feet because if I try or anyone else to stop her it causes the opposite reaction. I will tell people “it’s ok, let her go,” which usually gets some hard looks from people, as if I don’t care about what happens to her. Just the opposite.

I started it slowly, going down to the bus stop. She seemed to be fine. We rode the bus to the u district, our usual stop, and continued without any sort of sketching out.

I did avoid the major problem areas where it’s almost a 100% guarantee sketch, but I think It’s a good idea. Didn’t want to press the goodness. Even though I’m trying to figure out what is making her so nervous.

We ended up at Gorilla Park in the u district. The grass was full and high. The sun was perfect. There were a few people there that did a Meet Up deal to play with their little yorkies. The atmosphere and vibe were perfect. Charley was anxious at first, but she calmed down after 1 hour of playing huck it and catch. SHE ACTUALLY SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME for a good 5 minutes. To me that is a great, marvelous day!

My battery is dying so more later. It was just a festive, refreshing, sunny marvelous day.

We also ended up at Cal Andersonwhere we got to see this punk rock marching band playing Third Eye Blind. I loved seeing the girl with a full sleeve of tattoos and purple black hair holding a monstrous tuba. I told them all they were beautiful.

It was awesome. I was in the mood where all sweet things were bringing tears to my eyes.

And the whole dang day was sweet. Dang it.

“Get out of my eyes teardrops, I can’t see my way around.” Jerry Garcia.  


Every time Charley walks ahead of me I giggle. She’ll be prancing with her head and tail high, and her little butt moves side to side. Her back legs move quicker than her front, so she trots at an angle.

But, ha ha, she’s got the cutest little butt. I’ll pinch it, and she just stands there.

Charley gets compliments every day. There is always somebody who says “what a beautiful dog,” or “I love the colors of your dog.” I’ll say “thank you” and keep walking.

But the thing is, I think Charley is scruffy looking. She reminds me of a hyena, or a desert dog…. DINGO!!! She, to me, looks like she’s a stray and needs a bath.

Thinking back I remember when I saw her in the Craigslist ad. There was two of them. A male and a female. My eyes immediately went to her picture. My initial thought was, “oh my! That poor little rug rat. I want her. She belongs to me “.

Her brother, if I remember correctly, was already sold. I felt that nobody wanted her because she was so funky looking. I looked at her and felt I was going to be the one to take her to a loving home. Tell her she’s pretty. 

I’ve read stories when the owner and the animal have an instant connection upon first sight. I kinda feel that way with her. Even though I just saw a picture of her I knew she was going to be mine.

I do believe I was meant to have her. Sounds really stupid but i think she’s here to teach me a few things and for me to learn some lessons. That sounds weird, but every animal I’ve gotten we’ve hooked up in perfect situation, and I’ve always taken something beautiful away from them. Charley came 5 years after Lb June passed, during Covid, and during a time I really needed distraction. I love my stinky butt.

Is that a wild dog?

But I’ve always thought she was ugly. No, her coat was ugly.

I don’t understand why people compliment her coat. But THANK YOU!

My pretty little ugly girl



It’s been over two weeks since I’ve seen Charley smile. Last week she went to the vet for shots and a general check up. Because of Covid I’ve never met her vet , which I’m not too cool with that, so it’s a just a drop and go. Call me when she’s ready.

Four hours later, I picked her up from the vets Office, and then started what I’m calling “The Long Walk Home”. I kept trying to talk to her, “Charley, Squishy Bean, Bo Bo.” And she NEVER LOOKED BACK AT ME. We walked in silence. Not once did she pull, or try to get me entangled with the leash. Not once did she pretend that she had to make friends with everyone, animal or human, or smell and sprinkle every bush.

It was very discerning.

Once we got home she put her head down so I could take her harness off, and walked to her room and curled up. I finally got her to look at me and it was so horrible. She looked at me with eyes that said, “I trusted you.” Nothing more, nothing less.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

I’m just glad she’s opening up with me again. I’m glad she thinks she’ll be able to catch that squirrel. Or bird. Or she thinks children are sheep and she needs to herd them. (That one sucks). I’m glad she thinks I’m a cyborg like her and have unlimited energy.

I’m just glad she’s smiling again.

I love my Squishy Bean

Man, oh man. Charley, A.K.A. Bo-Bo’s, Love-Love, Bubblegum-Butt, Squishy, SQUISHY-BEAN, Sweetheart, and Butthead are my little names for Charley. Rarely do I call her Charley.

Anyway, today the apartment management is supposed to come in and fix the plumbing. Or put a BandAid on it. And hope for better weather.


A year and half ago a main pipe broke inside the wall that happened to be in my bathroom. Ever since, the plumbing has been failing, from one apartment to the next. The building is only 4 years old, but I can’t tell how many buckets I’ve seen places on the floor, strategically placed, catching drips from the ceiling in the main hallways of the complex. This has been the case for the last three years.

My bathroom is still gutted out from that incident. Subsidized Housing at your finest. I keep meaning to write about that, the subsidized issue, because there is so much to say and tell and think about. I need to let my opinions settle for awhile before I open my mouth.

Back to Squishy. I informed her “they” would be coming in this morning as I bustled around picking up the place. Leaving, I informed her I’d be back before “they” would even step foot into our place.

I left, got into the only elevator that is working (another issue in this building), and realized I’d forgotten my phone. Up to My floor again.

I put the key in my door, and entered. I expected Charley to be right at the door, as she is every time she hears the key. Nothing. Not even a bark. I stepped in and said,” it’s only me!” NOTHING. A bit confused, I went over to her wildlife perch and, once again. NOPE.

Charley’s wild life perch
Looking at city wildlife

I looked in the only place I could think she’d be. There she was. It broke my heart. She was crunched in her “room” in the corner, totally trying to be invisible. I could barely make her out for she was hiding in her blankets and stuffed friends. As soon as she saw it was me, she came out, her tail becoming her body. A sense of relief went through her expression. A total compassionate, sad, worried, sorrowful feelings one passed through mine.

It dawned on me, when I told her management would be coming in, tied in with my out of the ordinary behavior in the morning, she had gotten the gist of what was going on.


She is smart like that. She didn’t act like she knew what I was talking about when I left, but there she was, hiding, thinking it was strangers, not me. I wish I could go more into how scary smart she is, but I find people dismissing it as “how cute”, or “awww… cute little pup”. She loves it. Being called pup or puppy. She turns on the extra cute.

Ok. Just a babbling post about my little Charley person pup. Ha ha. I’ve had too much fun putting images in this.

Anyway, turns out after all of that fuss, management never did come in. Now the hallway is a bunch of blowing fans and sections of the ceiling cut out. Ugh. Pretty soon the whole building will be flooded out.