Can Dogs Have Aspirin for Pain? | PetMD

Are you trying to help your dog deal with pain? Find out about whether medications like Ibuprofen and Tylenol are dangerous to give dogs for pain relief.
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Charley, I can tell, is in a lot of pain. After the incident on Sunday, with her running across the street when Mike had left, had been clipped by a car on her back legs. A very cool person had pulled over and got out of her car and informed us that Charley had been hit on her back legs, and she’d tried to get the license plate number but the person drove off. I thought that was amazing she took the time to pull over and let us know.

I didn’t Notice anything different with her for the first two days, but then she started tripping a lot, especially when she encountered an object that she had to slightly jump over. Her left leg started dragging, and it looked like she’d had a stroke. She wouldn’t let me touch her left leg to access the situation. She would jump and flinch. I also noticed she was getting spacey. She would stand in the middle of the entry way and just look at me. I didn’t know what she wanted, and it was frustrating because i didn’t know what to do. She also didn’t fight me on going back home after a 10 minute walk.

I was just about to give her an ibuprofen but i googled “what to give your dog when she’s in pain” and I stumbled on this. Thank goodness.

I wanted to spread the word about this because I found that a lot of people, including me, thought it might be ok to give her a human pain reliever. The vet had prescribed gabapentin after Charley got stabbed. I thought that was a lot stronger than a Tylenol.

So, please don’t ever give your dog an aspirin or Tylenol.

Also, don’t Ever take the cone off . I learned that the hard way!!!