• FACT # 5

    “A roller coaster whips through the middle of the BIG O wheel in Tokyo, Japan – one of the only Ferris wheels to operate without a CENTER AXLE or SPOKES.” 5,000 Awesome Facts, About Everything3, National Geographic, 2015 The Big O literally. IT’S A BIG O. NOT THE BIG-O-O-O….(HAD TO) At first, I could not […]

  • #4 fact

    “The New York Wheel will tower more than 60 stories over New YORK City, making it one of the World’s Tallest Ferris wheels.” From 2015 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything 3) National Geographic Kids. Notice the word will . the vision began in 2008 with a developer, Meir Laufer, rode the London Eye, a ferris […]

  • 5000 Awesome FACTS

    FACT #2 “ORIGINAL FERRIS WHEELS WERE TURNED BY POWERFUL STEAM ENGINES. MOST MODERN WHEELS RUN ON ELECTRICITY.” National Geographic Kids, 5,000 Awesome Facts, 2015 I wasn’t quite sure why this was an awesome fact, or how I was going to write about it, so I started with the basics; The definition of steam. Definition of […]

  • 5000 Amazing Facts

    5000 Amazing Facts

    I picked up this book on one of Charley’s & I’s little adventure walk in one of those free standing libraries. Take one, Leave one. I started flipping through the book and some of the facts intrigued me. A lightbulb went off in my head. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if these facts were […]