• Fact #6

    From National Geographic’s 5,000 Awesome Facts book, 2015 Located on the Santa Monica Pier, the Pacific Wheel is the only solar-powered Ferris Wheel in the world. The Pacific Wheel was not as exciting to me as the other 4 Ferris wheels that I researched previously but I think at this time it is the most […]

  • FACT # 5

    “A roller coaster whips through the middle of the BIG O wheel in Tokyo, Japan – one of the only Ferris wheels to operate without a CENTER AXLE or SPOKES.” 5,000 Awesome Facts, About Everything3, National Geographic, 2015 The Big O literally. IT’S A BIG O. NOT THE BIG-O-O-O….(HAD TO) At first, I could not […]

  • Ella Vader

    That is the name of Charley’s new furry friend. I was wanting to get a kitten or puppy, anything that would give her a…. I don’t know….a bit of challenge? Maybe? I wrote that she got a kitty. What happened about 3 days later was unbelievable, and absolutely gross at the time. Made me want […]

  • 5000 Awesome Facts

    I am on Fact #3 of 15 about Ferris Wheels in the National Geographic for Kids. “You can ride a HUMAN POWERED Ferris Wheel in India, with park employees using their BODY WEIGHT to help turn the wheel. 5000 AWESOME FACTS (ABOUT EVERYTHING)3 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS. 2015 In India, Myanmar, Ferris Wheel riders don’t have […]

  • 5000 Amazing Facts

    5000 Amazing Facts

    I picked up this book on one of Charley’s & I’s little adventure walk in one of those free standing libraries. Take one, Leave one. I started flipping through the book and some of the facts intrigued me. A lightbulb went off in my head. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if these facts were […]

  • Charley has a kitty cat, and I almost got a bike

    Charley has a kitty cat, and I almost got a bike

    I have no idea how this all happened, but it just happened. We were down in Wallingford and it was the weekend of Buy Nothing Group. People had all kinds of furniture, clothes, toys, and electronics out on their front lawn. I saw a bike in the front yard of a house and I got […]

  • Rasta Charley, or Punk Rock Charley?

    I don’t know how these dreads formed in Charley’s coat. I know that I’ve been battling with her because she recently had been affected by a bite or an allergy off some sort that was causing intense scratching and I had to bathe her in medicated shampoo. It was extremely hard, and it ended up […]

  • Thank you

    I have to say that sometimes things work in the most mysterious ways. I was feeling very discouraged and defeated regarding Charley Waffle. I even told her one night, “Ok, you win! Ok! I’m done!” I didn’t know that we were keeping score, but for some reason I felt like it has been a battle […]

  • Each day equals 3 to me

    I know I shouldn’t complain about the long hours that summer has brought, for I tend to enjoy looking at the clock that says 5 p.m. and thinking it was still early, whereas 5 p.m. winter time felt like it was time to get ready for the night ritual. But I don’t know what else […]

  • Terry Petus Park Charley and I happened to stumble across this park when we got off on a different bus stop. I would’ve never found this park if it hadn’t of been our constant go go go. I love what we discover. It happens almost every day.