When will it be over?????

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out when Charley will be out of her heat. The reason for this, is she is going through what is called a “dry” heat. Basically there is no, or little, blood. So, therefore, I have to gauge this by her behavior, and that can only be done by taking her outside.

Ever since the episode the other day, when she bolted from me, ran across 4 lanes of traffic, 3 TIMES total, all due to the INSTINCT OF NATURE, she’s been amazingly, super great about having her outside time significantly cut by 75%. She usually does everything in her power to stall me, or force me take her by means of a major guilt trip. I never thought I’d fall for puppy eyes, but I swear, she can make hers very large, brim up with tears, and her cheeks flutter in and out like she’d hyperventilating. No joke.

But now, she’ll just sit on the bed, (my bed), and just kinda lowers her eyes, almost apologetic over something that she has no control over, which I realized kinda the hard way, but luckily, did not result in a major accident, or her getting hit. God forbid.

I have read everything about the heat cycle in dogs, and what I got out of it, for now, that it is either going to last 8 days-2 weeks, maybe a month, give or take 1/2 day??? I don’t quite know. I didn’t really have time to plot out her schedule and timing and behavior. This happened all of a sudden, and far more different than my other experience. So, the only thing I could think that would be my best bet was to test her on a walk with her favorite thing. BALLS. The one thing she will ALWAYS pay attention to is that dang Indestructible Ball. ALWAYS.

I kinda had a hunch she was still in her heat when I had THE ball in a bag, heading for the door, and the only excitement she showed were a pair of eager eyes, looking ONLY at the door, and not THE ball in a bag that was in my hand. It became even more apparent when I only got a few nudges of her nose at THE ball, once outside, followed by quick, darting glances. I let it go a couple more nudges before I said,”ok Charley. We gotta go in.” She didn’t fight me, or complain.

I tried it again last night. This time I just tried a short walk to the corner store where her “boyfriend”, Nick works. He’s known her since she was a small puppy, and she absolutely melts like ”butta” when she sees him. This time, because it’s been a few days of non-play, she unloaded this huge puddle of pee when she saw him. She squealed, squeaked, fell down, whimpered. Poor little thing. This must be absolute hell for her.

Charley & Nick.

I took her out later, with THE ball, leash still attached, for about 20 minutes until she started acting squirrelly again.

I know she can’t wait till this is over, and honestly, it may be me who really can’t wait. I’ve gone on so many adventures with her, and places, met many different people, m learned new things, and have been very active for the last 12 months I’ve felt healthier, even though exhausted at times, and I can fit into my pants without having to lie in the bed to zip some of them up, or resorting to my work out pants.

I have been kinda feeling BLAH this little time we’ve been basically stagnant. Kinda like what she looks like at the moment:

We only have a few more weeks of summer, and it’s been absolutely amazing this year. I don’t know if it’s because the weather has been consistent, and consistently beautiful, or everybody is out and about, and living it this year. I just wish Charley would (as if) hurry up so we can both get out there and enjoy it.

The first thing on my DO TO LIST IS:


I had no idea instinct rules

I am feeling a bit embarrassed, ignorant, and just, well, dumb. Charley went into heat for the second time. I was going to take her in to get spayed the weekend before she spotted, but something came up, so that didn’t happen. I wasn’t too concerned because My last dog that passed, LB June, a little pit bull runt, did not get spayed until 5 years of age. I had to deal with the bleeding, and occasionally she’d hump a leg, but that was about it.

The week before, she’d been acting extremely odd. She periodically looked very vacant and lost. She would sniff the grass and then just stand, and glance around. I would say to her, “What is up, Charley? What is going on?” She’d drop low and start slinking, along, tossing guilty looks back at me, her ears pinned, scanning the surrounding area. She’d do things to annoy me, such as, wrap herself around street poles, all the while looking at me. She’d walk back And forth in front of me, tripping me. It would stop when I would accidentally step on her, and a loud shriek would come out. (That’s got to be the worst sound- like she was getting kicked or something.) She’d drift over to people passing by and act as if she was going to jump on them to say hi., knowing that wasn’t okay.

She briefly spotted only once, so I guess I assumed she was not as driven, and the same as LB June. I was taking her to the one dog park that I knew very few dogs went. If anybody has spent any time with her, know that it is imperative she goes outside to get at least some (a lot) exercise. Almost there, she stopped about 5 blocks from the park abruptly. Her and the leash fly out of my hand. There we both stood in a total stupid stare off. I think we were both thinking what IS going on. Her ears were fully erect, a mix of bewilderment, fear, and just pure animal look about her. She then turned and started rapidly trotting off.

I was shocked. I tried talking to her in every voice I knew that would get her attention. I’d step closer, she’d move further. A few people tried to grab her leash. She got to the end of the block and turned the corner, out of sight, right into 4 lanes of traffic. I was horrified. I think I yelled out “WTF CHARLEY?!?!” She stopped, saw me, dated through traffic again, running towards me, only to turn and go back through AGAIN. A total of three times, 4 lanes!

I finally got her down an alleyway, and, in my fear, I yelled at her, telling her if she thought she was just going to go wherever she wanted to go by doing this, she was wrong. I told her I was never going to take her there, to that park, EVER AGAIN!!!

But I knew it wasn’t that. She’s pretty stubborn, but for her to pull a stunt like that was RARE. I mean, unheard of.

We get back to the LINK station, got on the train, and that is when she fell back into her little girl, almost puppy-like, Charley Waffle. Her demeanor, her body language. She kept snuggling closer and closer to me with her head on my lap and sighing. My heart totally went out to her. Her face was buried in her paws. It was a really sad walk the rest of the way home.

I feel so bad because I compared her to LB June. They are two different dogs, just like people. I realized I can’t lump them all into one category. One stereotype, as ALL DOGS are like this one way. But what really got me sad was, I realized she was in this battle of her instincts and her wanting to please me, to be a good girl. Her face was just a misconstrued mix of emotions, reactions, instinct, and just plain confused when that had happened.

After this, I was telling people the story, and it seemed everybody knew that dogs in heat go feral and will jolt at any opportunity. Some people told me they even crate them during this. The way there were talking about it was like it was a known fact. I swear, I had no idea it was this bad for them.

Worst of all, realizing how horrible it was for her.

I have, now that it’s too late, researched the matter extensively. I can put two more things under one of my pages,” What I’ve Learned About Owning a CHARLEY WAFFLE .” Don’t take the cone off, until stitches are gone, and don’t ever underestimate that animal instinct. Once again, I’m glad she’s ok.

DING!!!! Post time!!!!

I’ve been sitting here Rummaging through all of the WordPress things that you can do and I’m just totally like going on a little rabbit hole thing right now because poor Charley cannot go outside right now because she is not even interested in balls or anything else she’s interested in bolting so I’ve got a chance to look at this and I’m totally like my mind is kind of like in a fuzzy discombobulated state. I wish I would’ve read the instructions before I even started this little project but it’s kind of fun. I guess I’ve always learned the hard way. This is a talk to text so it It’s off the top

Or Baby Charley!!!

Charley Waffle

I hadn’t been able to locate Charley’s baby book pictures lately, and then, “POOF”, they popped up out of nowhere. I think it’s really random and weird when that happens, but I figure between iCloud, Goggle photos, and all the other folders, and on my old laptop I found a slew of them. But, it’s funny… she only stayed small for about 3 weeks. She would literally grow in front of my eyes. Well, I don’t have the patience to sit and watch, so I’ll switch it to overnight. She’d grow overnight. I actually would like to try to assemble her growth week by week. It was amazing.



“Wow! Is your dog a Dingo?” I’ve been asked if she is Blue Healer, a cattle dog, and lastly, an Australian/Border Collie.

I had to see how closely she resembles a Dingo. I only know their home is Australia, and the late Steve Irwin talked about them. I believe he had a couple as pets that were domesticated.

On this day, a total of three individuals, same day, way different locations, asked me if she was a Dingo.

The only thing I could think of was googling Steve Irwin/Dingos. My eyes were scanning the titles when they stopped. “Dingo Ate My Baby!” I started smiling for I’ve heard that statement before, usually in a humorous manner. BUT, by the end of the first sentence, I realized IT WAS A REALLY DARK STORY. I NEVER KNEW. I’m so glad I looked it up before I blindly posted that title.


Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were camping with their 10week o

She old baby girl, Azaria. During this, Lindy heard howling And witnessed a wild dog exit thir tent where the Baby girl was. Running in after seeing the dog leave, she realized their baby was gone. Supposedly she ran out of the tent screaming to her husband, “A Dingo Ate My Baby!”.

After an investigation, where no body was found, and only partial clothing with blood on the collar, they were accused of placing and staging, they were jailed. Lindy was found guilty of slicing her daughter’s throat and sentenced to life imprisonment. Her husband got probation for participating as an accessory.

She’s got the Dingo tongue

All of her appeals ran out. She has no more chances. However 3 1/2 YEARS LATER, the truth came out with a result of another tragedy. Her little dead girl’s clothing was found in a Dingo’s lair after a tourist fell to his death and his body landed in front of the den.

Think about that. Sitting in jail, FOR LIFE. Knowing you were innocent. HER daughter was dead. She and her husband had divorced. I hear of horrible things like this and it always reminds me THAT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY!!!

How many people are in jail, wrongly accused? How many didn’t get that weird stroke of luck, even though it was out of a tragedy? HOW LUCKY, or, what would you call that? Faith? LUCKY is the only word that comes to my mind.

Oh yeah, worse yet, she wasn’t fully exonerated until 2012, when, the newly found , (3 1/2 years later), clothing was sent to forensics and the validation of the blood, wounds, all other forensic stuff involved, did they say, yes, a Dingo, had in fact, Ate her Baby.

Here are some pictures of Dingos vs Charley Waffle. I know that Australian Shepard/collie originated in Australia, and the Dingo has been mating with domesticated dogs for a while. There are not many purebred Dingos left. They are viewed as a pest, with Open Season all year. Kinda like ground squirrels in Colorado.

ÉThe Lovely Last Steve Irwin
What do you think?
A Dingo

M de She does kinda look like a Dingo. But that story made me grateful, sad and horrified. I’m glad a Dingo didn’t eat my little DINGO, Charley Waffle.

i can’t believe I never knew that story! Is that new for anybody else?

Lake Union Park…briefly

I constantly try to up my game to keep up with a now, 1 year old Herder, Bubble -Gum – Butt Charley Waffle. I’m finding Seattle parks and surrounding areas have shrunk significantly. They’ve become too familiar to Charley, which in turn makes it more challenging to keep her interest. She is always looking for constant mind and body stimulation. She starts getting super confident, then sassy, and I get a pain in the assy.

So I switched it up. Instead of getting on the E line, we get on the C line. Same bus stop, same looking bus. Just different exits and a different letter of the alphabet.

I only know that the C line goes to South Lake Union, which pulled up on a Google search “dog parks near me.” I thought I’d go ahead and check it out. Plus, Lake Union has the Museum of History and Industry. https://mohai.org/calendar/. , or MOHAI. NOW that would be something I’d like to see.

We didn’t last too long there. Maybe 15 minutes.

She was so excited to be there. She was super alert, super excited, didn’t know what to tackle first. And, so many geese!!! And poop! Let’s try to see if it tastes good!

The rules of the park, according to the only sign I was able to find, said no pets in, on, or around the water supply.

Pictures of our 10 Minutes Fun

Well, there’s a little sprinkler park for the kids, and the lake, and this large incased water area for driving remote control boats around. A lot of dried grass with TONS of geese poop. I keep saying that because there is. I didn’t have time to peek inside the museum, but I did notice the sign with the name BEZOS right next to it, in bright blue block letters. I rolled my eyes

Lake Union Park was all right, what we saw. There’s a tons of poop (3 times) and there are dry patches that kick up a mouthful of dirt. That would be my only complaint. Other than that, people were playing horseshoes, bocce ball, walking or biking along the decks. Seattle is getting the tourists right now, so there were a lot of happy faces. The sun wasn’t too hot. It was actually a beautiful day. I enjoyed the 15 minutes. I know Charley did as well. Silly Booger Butt!

Wow!!!! What’s that??