• What? Instructions? Uh?

    I have this poster that lists the rules of life, and at one point I had cut each strip that contained an instruction. I was going to do some collage/art/frame… anything to make it more beautiful. You know, I have those strips in my bottom craft dresser thingy, and I was very proud that I […]

  • Don’t mean to burst your bubble, er, balloon…..

    I wanted to get Holden, for his birthday, 23(!) a big bouquet of balloons. I think it is kinda cute when I see men carry a big thing of balloons. I’m not sure why, but it’s kinda sweet. Plus, he was about to get married in a week or so. I got the idea when […]

  • Philadelphia

    My friend, Mike sent me pictures of the flooding in his town. He said it just poured and poured. Philadelphia

  • Fiddler on the Roof, Musicals, and Tap Shoes.

    I’ve said before that Charley likes horror movies because I’ve been told dogs only want to please their owners. While I want to believe that so much so, I have to say that while she is pleasing me and fully supportive doesn’t mean she doesn’t necessarily like what she is having to endure. But, I […]

  • Charley’s Bubble Gum Butt

    This is the funniest thing that happened the other day. Charley and I were on the bus, and she was sitting on the seat next to me The bus driver happened to be really cool and didn’t mind. We got off and these two guys were “lounging” on the sidewalk Well, one was lying, propped […]

  • Green Lake and anticipation……

    Charley Waffle learning how to swim…… on accident

  • This is right at the labyrinth where Charley and I go almost every day and I never noticed the sign that was next to this tree. I would have never found this if it weren’t for our every day outings and for Mike Miller pointing it out to me. This is, to me, monumental and […]

  • Franklin Tree

    Would have never discovered if it weren’t for Charley and my adventures (and Mike Miller pointing out) The Lost American Tree

  • Charley is no punk. Charley is (a.k.a) Miss Smarty Pants

    Man, the more I learn about Australian Shepherds/Border Collies I am totally gaining a slight understanding on what exactly this breed is about. I feel so much comfort when I tell people what she is made of, and I get wide eyes and sometimes a sympathetic smile with a a big, “Oh!!!! Boy, you have […]