I am writing this post for 2 reasons. I read GIDDY UP AMERICA’S post about the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, and I was immediately catapulted back to the early 90’s when I went to one of the first Lalapoolozas and they were one of the bands playing along with Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Janes Addiction, Ministry to name a few. I’d gone with a bunch of other 22 year old generation x-ers during summer in Northern California.


One of my x-ers, and, actually ex, Scott B. , (last name protected for his own,) got a wild hair up his ass and had to get a tattoo to remember the awesome time he was having.

He chose the famous logo of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on his right shoulder blade. Large.

I didn’t think they would tattoo somebody under the influence.

Guess I was wrong.

The other thing is walking home from the park with Charley we happened by Rudy’s barber shop, the shop I’d gone to and asked if they would shave my head about 4 years ago. I think it was an almost midlife crisis where I wanted loud, drastic CHANGE in my life, and that was the only thing I could think of at that moment. They gently advised me that maybe I should go with a pixie cut, and come back if I still wanted a shave. Anyway, there was a guy in the shop that looked by all appearances, an old generation x-er Billy Idol style hair cut and leather jacket, with the old, original t-shirt of that iconic symbol with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS curved around it.

I really wanted to go in there and ask him if he wanted to get rid of it.

So, that was my flashback of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Thank you, Giddyupamerica!

Yesterday was an absolute nightmare. Every time my buddy Comes to town Charley goes absolutely nuts. When he leaves for awhile I’ve got to clean up the aftermath.  She won’t listen, she’s extra defiant, and she’ll run up to any truck with a man getting out if it. 
This time was the worst. We had stopped at a park to show off her new trucks she’s learned with flying discs. Everything was going great, she was shining, prancing, tail and tongue wagging. He goes to leave to pack up for his trip back to PA. Charley and I were going to stay and hang out at the park. The weather was awesome. We crossed the street and I started to see the beginning signs of her looking around, anxiously, to see where he went. All of a sudden she pulled out of her leash and collar, and ran out in the middle of the street. She would not stop for me, she wasn’t even aware of the cars that were honking and dodging her.
I quickly called Mike and told him to come right away. She was not listening to me.
He finally arrives, me on one side of the street, him on the other. She saw him, made the biggest dash to him. He started yelling, I started cussing. It is the most horrible feeling. The helplessness and the fear.
She got to Mike, thinking he’d be as equally happy to see her. He took her by the scruff of her neck and lived her down in the ground.
The look she gave him. SHOCK. BETRAYAL. Hurt.
I ran over to them, and I could not even look at her. Angry, hurt, sad, helpless.
I told him he had to take her for the day. Well, strongly suggested it.
He 100% agreed. He took her out to his house to run in the backyard for the rest of the day.
I’m still in disbelief. I know she adores him, but every time he comes around, I no longer exist, his word is gold, and I end up having to correct her over and over for the next two weeks.
So, we are having to think about this for a minute. I was going to go out to PA for a few months with her to his new house, but I’ve got a prior engagement that is scheduled for the 19th. He’s got to be back on Tuesday night.
We are both thinking she should ride out with him, and I’ll fly out there later.
I dunno. It’s still upsetting!

Can’t wait

Charley’s “boyfriend” mike is on his way and I can’t wait. All she does is dote on him, and he’s fine with it…. So today I get to partially babysit. And possibly sneak away for sone good ME TIME. Yeah, right.

Charley Sunday

Ok. This is how this went with Mike.

The “Boyfriend” Visit Update

Charley’s “pet” Mike meets us down the street, at the labyrinth at the University, She’d pulled out of her collar and leash because she knew he was coming over. She becomes very bratty when she knows he’s due to show up at any time. This time I was worried she would run across the street, trying to show me that now he’s here, she does not have to listen.

We get to our habitation, and she turns into a jelly roll.

I ended up cooking dinner while they watched Ted Lasso, ( she won’t do that with me), playing a cute tug and wrestle play, (turns into a WORLD WAR WRESTLING event with me) , ending up with a nice easy breezy toss and catch game outside for a mere 20 minutes. The finale? He leaves and I’m left to these little, soul wrenching howls while she sits at the front door, reciting poetry for her long lost love.

Good Lord. Now I’ve got to reap the after effects.

I told her if she loves him that much, go live with him. Let me know how that goes.

Little booger butt. It will never happen. So I’m not worried. 🙂

No balls to 4 balls

This morning we went for our routine walk. I didn’t take any balls or flying discs because she likes to hide them in the bushes where I can’t find them, and then someone or something takes them.

We ended up at our favorite spot, the Labyrinth at the University.

Miraculously there were 2 of her PETCO flyers, and, after she disappeared for a moment, I turned around and there was 3 balls.

Oh, and I found one of our CHUCK-IT orange balls. I had found it when I tossed it in bushes 8 months ago.

Before we had found the PETCO flyers, which she likes to hold one in her mouth and use it as a blocker when I throw the tennis ball. This is what she came up with

She got very inventive. She found a stick.

It’s Sunday

The cherry blossoms in Washington are blooming. When that happens I immediately think of University of Washington, because the whole campus is absolutely filled. It’s breathe taking. I also think of my Concord apartment on Meadow Lane in California. It was 550 dollars for a 1 bedroom, which sounds like a dream now, but this was 30 years ago. Anyway, it was at the base of Mt Diablo, which has the most beautiful display of the mountain in the late afternoon, when the sun would just illuminate the whole hill with yellow and orange and it seemed to radiate, I dunno, life and power.

The thing was my apartment was in a sketchy part of town. It was probably like Aurora Ave in Seattle or Colfax Ave in Colorado. But the one thing I also noticed in that apartment, was the cherry blossoms. There were two trees that rose above my balcony and would be just spangly sticks in the winter, and my view was the other apartment complex and it’s parking lot across the way. But, man, come spring and looking out that same sliding glass door would be pinkish, purple tinted plush ( my auto correct put that in- so I’m leaving it) yet delicate flowers on these branches. It was absolutely amazing. And I mean that. I would walk in and just sit and stare at them. Everything seemed light, and fresh, and fun.

I happened to open the luxurious blinds of this downtown apartment, where my view is the food bank that used to be, and the apartments across the way. No parking lot. But, there it it is. These awesome trees among concrete and graffiti, the cherry blossoms. Maybe that’s why Charley keeps looking out the window.

Cherry Blossoms and Charley

I will be going on a camera expedition to university of Washington to take sone ( a lot) of pictures of the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, Charley can’t come.

There are too many bunnies.


I really, really like this book. And it’s true, every time I go through a bout of self-doubt and when I’m feeling a bit insecure I pick this book up. Just looking at a few chapters snaps me out of it. I do recommend this book! What this has to do with Charley, I’m not quite sure. I just know I feel better, and I think she benefits as well. Happy Owner, me, Happy Charley, her. And vice-versa.  Happy Charley, Happy me.

If you are new to the self-help world, I’m hoping this book will ease you into some of the basic concepts that totally changed my life so you can have a breakthrough, too, without making you want to run off screaming in the process. If you’ve already dipped your toe in the self-help pond, I hope it will say something in a new way that turns a light on so you can make some major shifts, create some tangible results, and someday wake up crying tears of giddy disbelief that you get to be you,” she says in chapter 1. She talks about GRATITUDE – and what vibration you give to the universe you will get in return. Kind of a yin-yang thing. I fully believe that, so I want to start doing that every morning, and then at night write “thank you” notes, as she recommends.

I’m not new to self-help books, but I stayed away from them for awhile. There is just something missing, or out of place with me, and I was blaming everything and everyone else for being too tired, not enough time, too much time, etc. etc. So, I am back in the saddle again with this book.

One of my fav quotes from the book is something Kurt Cobain said. It went like this, “ Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” That’s a really simple, yet very profound statement!

There are a few more that really stuck out when I had started to read on, such as “It’s just as easy to believe we’re awesome as it is to believe we’re giant sucking things.”


Check it out. I love this book. I really can’t say that enough.


A Pit Bull, a Pekingese and a Daisy walk into a bar. What do they all have in common?
A hybrid dog named Daisy
that is a mix of a Pekingese and a Pit Bull.

We were at Freeway Park,

and around the corner came an old Benji-looking dog with grey, gristly hair and a solid, determined stare. As soon as Charley saw the dog she seemed to lose interest. I think because she knows those types of dogs for her EQUAL a dull time. But, she still wanted to try to get a reaction from Benji by doing double bop on the side of the head, a high pitch bark, and an eager wag of her tail.

Immediately, this dog sprang into action. Chased her. Refused to get chased. Was in her face. Boxed back twice when Charley playfully slapped her with a paw. I could sense Charley’s excitement was starting to wane, then flipped to annoyance, apprehension, to an “AAACK!!! leave me the f alone! You’re kinda scaring me!”

I think she met her match. Li’l ol’ Benji was kicking her ass.

Meanwhile I’d been talking to the owner of Charley’s new best foe and found out the little girl’s name is Daisy. And then I noticed the cute little pink bow around her neck. How cute!!! I remember Charley was passed on to us with a little cute pink bow as well. Cute cute. I get it.

He said she is a mix of a couple things. First, she’s a pit Bull (…..wha???). And a “pug, no perineal, a …)

Pekingese? I asked. “Yes, yes, That’s it. A pit Bull and Pekingese“.

“Pekingnese?” Yes! Yes! And……she’s half…PIT BULL!”

Wow. A pit Bull incognito. Pit Bull and Pekingese. Can I picture that? I tried. Wow. He said the pit dad was 160 lbs. Awesome. No wonder. Daisy Duke stands solid like a stOcky pit Bull and had the facial bone structure. The Pekingese for the size, and I guess the wiry hair was a mix of a short haired pit with long haired Pek.

Made total sense. Take away the hair, and she was a short, stocky little pit Bull. Hair had to go, but I guess that is the pekingese in her.

What a cool disguise! My first dog was a little pit Bull, LB JUNE. I remember all the stuff I had to go through. Imagine walking down the street, or in a park, or even at the house, and not getting sone kind of judgement about you pit Bull. That is awesome.


Diane Holland

That is our story about the Pekingese and the Pit Bill named DAISY.

I love who I meet when walking around with Charley. At least she gets me out and social. She’s my silly little girl.


Sunday fun

So Mike and I ANd CHARLEY were in line for the ferry. Something I’ve never been on in the 15+ years I’ve lived here. So that was the day we were going to cross that of the list. But, alas!!! One of the people in a yellow vest came up to the truck and told us we are going to have to turn around because they’ve told them to evacuate everyone on the pier.

Why, must I ask. Not something I hear everyday.

Did not know. Just they are evacuating the area.

All of Seattle? Washington? How many miles was going to be evacuated???

She did not know.

So we decided to go to the beach.

I’ve got to say it was absolutely beautiful. Reminded me of California. Except there weren’t many people.

According to Mike if you had a plane I could fly it to Japan.

Well, not on my bucket list, but thank you.

Actually I didn’t know that.

All I know is the sky met the water. It was sunny. And beautiful. And I got to watch Charley run run run. With her tongue flopping to the side. I think I was able to download it to my page.

It was awesome I’m just glad there is beauty everywhere. I’m going to appreciate it and respect it.

Charley found balls, err nuts on the beach. Ha Ha.

I still have “ride the ferry” on my Washington bucket list.

So story is at the end. The ferry had a bomb threat. And that was on my mind the while we were on the beach. And right across the way was Japan, per Mike’s mention. Then, on the way home he actually was going to take the ferry home. Silly silly silly.