The most devastating news happened to Charley and I yesterday evening. I had promised we’d go to a major playtime meaning fully equipped with frisbees, a yoga ball, tennis balls, and yes….Her all time favorite big blue ball (BBB) labeled “INDESTRUCTIBLE” from Amazon. Unfortunately we only know it’s partially true from the short life ofContinue reading ““INDESTRUCTIBLE” BLUE BALL. THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW”

Today I felt like Matthew McConaughey

The last couple days I have been feeling that Charley and I are on a new plateau as far as bonding. I have been taking her out every day and bringing along with me 2 balls, one of them with a chuck-it, 2 frisbees, one a Petco one and one a Wham-0, ( which weContinue reading “Today I felt like Matthew McConaughey”

Definition of Laughter

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision.”she couldn’t help laughing at his jokes” · [more]synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · snigger · snicker · cackle · howl · [more]NOUNan act of laughing.”sheContinue reading “Definition of Laughter”