PB Popscicles & Reverse Psychology

Charley & I live in an somewhat adequate place downtown. Let me rephrase. My living situation was suitable (I had to look up another word for adequate) when it was just me, solo, with all my daily on-goings. Everything and the kitchen sink in one room, and the bathroom located way down my long foyer. (Sarcasm) It kind of sucks. I don’t have a tub, and come to find out more than half of the units have tubs. I have this shower that has limited water pressure and an ugly shower curtain. I have tried and tried to make that dang bathroom somewhat cute and, I guess, welcoming. Some things just can’t be something it’s not, right?? There’s only so much changing of a shower curtain can do to transform a basic bathroom.

I am one of those people that agree it’s not real suitable for people to get a medium to a large dog when residing in an apartment. Well, I have changed my mind, a bit. I see how much pets have enhanced people who are only able to live in an apartment, or choose to, live in one. I think it takes a lot of work and a huge commitment (10 + years – however long the pet companion lives), plus enormous responsibility and imagination. I give credit to people who readily accept that challenge and succeed in their venture. Make their dog a successfully happy dog. Make it work with what you got in a positive way. Kudos. Really.

Well, I’ve embraced the challenge. Way, way, way. I’m the weird lady that talks to her dog like a person, takes her dog almost everywhere, photographs every monumental stepping stone, and talks incessantly about it to everybody who happens to be around. Poor people. Thank you for lending your ear, whether you meant to or not???So, since I had to keep her in the house (ha-ha- house sounds like a mansion now to me) for 2 weeks (her heat) I was so much aware of how incredibly boring it is, and how incredibly frustrating it can be. I also realized how much I’ve gotten to used to going places with her and embarking on adventures. She’s fun. A fun pain sometimes, but always fun.

Anyway, I was getting tired of Charley’s hawkeyes, which has made me acutely aware that I may have acquired weird habits as a result of living with just me for over 3 years. I am aware I munch my food, (graze, munch here and there), I eat cereal dry straight out of the box, and I eat too much peanut butter right out of the jar. With a spoon. It’s called a Peanut Butter Popscicle. C’mon now!

I also realized I talk to myself a lot. Did I do that as much when I didn’t have her? Did I always pace whenever things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them? Did I always sit there in my long forgotten teenage angst thinking me and my life would be different if only such and such had happened, and the everlasting question why? I really got the sense of my selfish me-talk when she’d just stare at me, not blinking, then sigh heavily, turn on her belly, tuck her head in her paws, and start kicking out her legs. She does that. FLICK. FLICK. KICK. KICK. I think she is telling me to get over it.

Well, since she was driving me nuts, probably because she was going nuts, there were times when I just wanted to be in my own space, and I figured there were times that she probably wants her own. Yes, she has her room (crate) where she will chill occasionally, or I tell her to go to her room, but, wow! It still is in seeing eye distance. No matter what corner of the room I’d put it, we can still feel each others presence. If I am not paying the Essential Attention to Charley or She Will Die toll then Charley will try to distract me by barking short little RUFFS, RUFFS, out the window, all the while fetching a glance, or more like a stare, over her shoulder to waiting for me to react. Or flat out ignore my “no-no-no’s.” And yes, I get a bit perturbed. I try to ignore her. Doesn’t work. She was being annoying. She never barks. Only to get my goat. She’s a Sneaky, smart, spoiled little girl. She usually wins.

But, driven by madness, I suddenly had an great epiphany. I noticed when I used reverse psychology on her, by “ohhh, goood girl, that’s right. YOU TELL THEM!!!” or, “Are you saying hi to all of our neighbors? How friendly is that!” only then she would stop. After giving me this DIRTY LOOK she’d go curl up by the front door and stare half open eyed at me, really going for the guilt trip and making me feel i am too much of a homebody or recluse. Or a terrible pet owner. Actually, she is sitting by the door staring with words that say,

I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow!

Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

I went and got one of my old, fancy shower curtain liners and sectioned off a little nook, right by the window she loves to bark out of. I even made the ledge bigger so she is able to sit comfortably and look out the window. It actually turned out ok. I was actually surprised the first day I hooked it up and we were on our walk when she just wanted to go home. So, sure, wow, weird….ok Charley.

As soon as we got home, she went to her window, laid her chin on the upper ledge, and let out a big sigh. I have to get a picture. I even enjoy sitting in there. I put some of my books and crafts in a book case. She has brought some stuffed animals and some chewed up bones she’s managed to squirrel around this place.

I’ve refurbished (can’t think of the word at the moment) this studio into a, let’s see, we have the bedroom/kitchen/living room, then a little quaint reading nook nestled in the armpit of downtown Seattle, with the beautiful scenery of a closed down food bank, and the tri-colored apartments across the street. Sirens fill the night, tall buildings mask the sky, and there seems as if a drag race or two happens around 3 a.m. for whoever is into that kinda thing. OH! I also have a somewhat cordoned area that separates the hallway and our(Charley& me)communal living area.

It is divided by a curtain rod and….A SHOWER CURTAIN. But, hey, it works! What was once a onsie-room has now turned into a 4 section forsie. It can be done!

***** along with the PEANUT BUTTER POPSICLE,  ONE OF MY FAVORITE munchy items is PEANUT BUTTER, AND WHIPPED CREAM.  FROZEN WHIPPED CREAM.  MIX IT TOGETHER, AND EAT.  THE LEFTOVER WHIPPED CREAM TUB CAN BE USED AS A BOWL.  HA, HA. I didn’t think it would be good, but it is actually delicious.  It’s like peanut butter pie.  Plus, for carb watchers, there aren’t that many in this recipe. As long as it’s not eaten in excess…. 

Instructions for adding a room in a studio; note: THIS IS REALLY TACKY

****** PRE-REQ*****  Small studio/room/space, and 1 med to large Charley Waffle – like dog.  Cyborgs welcomed.

  • need 2 points of contact ( a wall and the post of my 6 foot stack thing that starts the split of the “main” room.
  • shower curtain, or liner, or both, or I guess, a curtain rod—- whatever is available…
  •  v/Twine, PRETTY RIBBON, fishing line. I just used some purple ribbon I had and threaded through the holes. … basically anything !! 


So this is the half post. She’s back in action. She’s fierce as fire…..

This one is hard to sort. I lost my phone AGAIN and it really bothers me. I don’t mind too too much the phone itself, it’s actually the way I have to function in the world. Actually, it sucked too because I was starting to get the courage to ride on of those LIME scooter that are lying around Seattle. I CAN”T BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A PHONE……ISN’T THAT SOMETHING. I am having a hell of a time with the two step authenticating process as well. I say it is the war on the poor.. I could use the LIME bike for transportation to and from work. People who can’t afford a phone, get the government phone, which is the most frustrating thing I have ever had. I had my buddy try it out for a day, and you tell me what you think. He was ready to throw that thing out my window. That, (the government phone)is another blog in the near future; I am babbling right now. And I just jerked awake. woa…..Charley is sprawled out and is looking very cuddlable.

The first QR code I had to enter on my phone was JOANN’S CRAFT STORE. I was so annoyed. Why can’t they keep coupons, messy messy coupons? I feel old. Everything is moving so fast.

I just want to ride one of those scooters.

I am a Gen-xer. So, I am now “old school.” Or just old. Anyway, we are back from waking the bunnies. She was bad. Bad Bad Girl…..


Tested Charley’s progress with her issue. She did really good last night. 100 % focus on her Indestructible Ball, and her 2 frisbees. She only had her WEST PAWS ( new version of the old Westpaws we had) and a half eaten Petco frisbee. But, dang, things still flies. And 4 tennis balls and a tennis racket.

New West Pawsdifferent material
Old West Paws-what’s left!Old West Paws-what’s left!

I brought on an Arsenal for back up in case her attention drifted. “Looking for that hey cat….. “(Primus quote)! I didn’t want a rogue Waffle that is in heat on the loose.

OH YEAH!! We found a new sport. It just kinda happened. I was thinking of those Nerf rocker shooters that spit tennis balls. But, Nah, after thinking it over and realizing that the Nerf thing is like a little kid toy for her, I think I need one of those professional tennis balls spitters.

Anyway, I’ve started hitting the ball against a stone wall, and she had the notion of picking up her Frisbee, and volleying it back. Sometimes she would bounce the ball on her Frisbee 2 or 3 times before she’d lob it in my direction . She was so proud! I need to get a tripod that I can use to record what she does. She is absolutely, I keep using the word amaz, but I can’t think of another word. Let me look it up. Marvelous is the only one that seems befitting from the immediate choices I saw.

That was stupid.

my whole thing about this post is I did take her to “wake the bunnies.” Not “hunt the bunnies,” but WAKE…. little bit more friendly sounding. It was dark. Didn’t bring flashlight/phone. She darted for this dashing dark ball across this field, and into the trees. I heard a yelp. I tripped over a tree root, or an alien (?) – been hearing a lot about those boogers…. (I’m scared of the dark), yelling “Charley!!!” all the way down. My keys went flying. Heard them plop somewhere in some distant bush/tree land. Images of “Cabin in the Woods”, …. wait, no, more like “Friday the 13th, started flooding me. We were by the labyrinth. The ALIEN theme seemed to fit this situation…….

CHARLEY!!! CHARLEY!!! HEY!!!! 1-……2…..HEY!!!

That booger butt was silent for about 10 minutes. I came out of my clearing, and all I saw were tree shadows, and a couple lone picnic tables in this vast open green space. Heard nothing, but I will tell you, my eyes were playing tricks.

I actually started to panic, and started trotting, very fast like, up towards the main street, when…….tappity tappity tapppity tap……. Charley right next to me. Breathless. And grinning.

Oh, she was naked. Collar and harness. Gone. In the tree land. Once again, my bad. I have witnessed her ability to take it all off when running in the bushes. Booger Bubble Gum Booty Butt TREE HUGGING CHARLEY WAFFLE….

It’s amazing what one can come up with when faced with dire circumstances. Luckily the university was having a wasp problem, and had CAUTION tape everywhere. I snagged a long piece of it, wrapped it around her cute little pink collar, and walked her ass home.

so, I think she is done with her ordeal. She would have been GONE otherwise.

Now it is back to the 7 mile day Super Sonic Cyborg Charley Waffle!!!!!!


Took Charley out this morning and in the evening to test where she might be in her stage of heat. She’s having a “dry heat”, meaning she’s not bleeding at all. Makes it hard for me to tell.

It’s gotten a bit more intense. I think male dogs are catching wind (literally) of her, and marking areas around where we exit out building. She is hell bent on something… much more than when she smells bunnies. Her pull is solid and very commanding. This time she didn’t even look at THE ball. Or a frisbee. She actually showed her frustration at me by pretending she was covering up her do-do. I’ve heard that is a sign of aggression, or trying to be domineering.

Here she goes

She even tried to ditch her frisbee behind a car, knowing I’d go and get it, then ditching me by going to the opposite side. I caught her just as she was ready to bolt. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of her face when she came around and saw me. It was priceless!

The thing is, nobody believes me how intelligent she really is. It’s scary at times.

She knows how to make me laugh, make me frustrated, or make me give into whatever she wants. We’ve gotten so much closer these last two months. I’m feeling we are understanding of each other more. The other morning I woke up to our toes touching. (Probably reading too much into it ) And she’s being really good about the issue she’s dealing with. I can tell she knows something’s up, and she wants to run, yet at the same time, doesn’t want to run to be bad. She just can’t help it.

When will it be over?????

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out when Charley will be out of her heat. The reason for this, is she is going through what is called a “dry” heat. Basically there is no, or little, blood. So, therefore, I have to gauge this by her behavior, and that can only be done by taking her outside.

Ever since the episode the other day, when she bolted from me, ran across 4 lanes of traffic, 3 TIMES total, all due to the INSTINCT OF NATURE, she’s been amazingly, super great about having her outside time significantly cut by 75%. She usually does everything in her power to stall me, or force me take her by means of a major guilt trip. I never thought I’d fall for puppy eyes, but I swear, she can make hers very large, brim up with tears, and her cheeks flutter in and out like she’d hyperventilating. No joke.

But now, she’ll just sit on the bed, (my bed), and just kinda lowers her eyes, almost apologetic over something that she has no control over, which I realized kinda the hard way, but luckily, did not result in a major accident, or her getting hit. God forbid.

I have read everything about the heat cycle in dogs, and what I got out of it, for now, that it is either going to last 8 days-2 weeks, maybe a month, give or take 1/2 day??? I don’t quite know. I didn’t really have time to plot out her schedule and timing and behavior. This happened all of a sudden, and far more different than my other experience. So, the only thing I could think that would be my best bet was to test her on a walk with her favorite thing. BALLS. The one thing she will ALWAYS pay attention to is that dang Indestructible Ball. ALWAYS.

I kinda had a hunch she was still in her heat when I had THE ball in a bag, heading for the door, and the only excitement she showed were a pair of eager eyes, looking ONLY at the door, and not THE ball in a bag that was in my hand. It became even more apparent when I only got a few nudges of her nose at THE ball, once outside, followed by quick, darting glances. I let it go a couple more nudges before I said,”ok Charley. We gotta go in.” She didn’t fight me, or complain.

I tried it again last night. This time I just tried a short walk to the corner store where her “boyfriend”, Nick works. He’s known her since she was a small puppy, and she absolutely melts like ”butta” when she sees him. This time, because it’s been a few days of non-play, she unloaded this huge puddle of pee when she saw him. She squealed, squeaked, fell down, whimpered. Poor little thing. This must be absolute hell for her.

Charley & Nick.

I took her out later, with THE ball, leash still attached, for about 20 minutes until she started acting squirrelly again.

I know she can’t wait till this is over, and honestly, it may be me who really can’t wait. I’ve gone on so many adventures with her, and places, met many different people, m learned new things, and have been very active for the last 12 months I’ve felt healthier, even though exhausted at times, and I can fit into my pants without having to lie in the bed to zip some of them up, or resorting to my work out pants.

I have been kinda feeling BLAH this little time we’ve been basically stagnant. Kinda like what she looks like at the moment:

We only have a few more weeks of summer, and it’s been absolutely amazing this year. I don’t know if it’s because the weather has been consistent, and consistently beautiful, or everybody is out and about, and living it this year. I just wish Charley would (as if) hurry up so we can both get out there and enjoy it.

The first thing on my DO TO LIST IS:


I had no idea instinct rules

I am feeling a bit embarrassed, ignorant, and just, well, dumb. Charley went into heat for the second time. I was going to take her in to get spayed the weekend before she spotted, but something came up, so that didn’t happen. I wasn’t too concerned because My last dog that passed, LB June, a little pit bull runt, did not get spayed until 5 years of age. I had to deal with the bleeding, and occasionally she’d hump a leg, but that was about it.

The week before, she’d been acting extremely odd. She periodically looked very vacant and lost. She would sniff the grass and then just stand, and glance around. I would say to her, “What is up, Charley? What is going on?” She’d drop low and start slinking, along, tossing guilty looks back at me, her ears pinned, scanning the surrounding area. She’d do things to annoy me, such as, wrap herself around street poles, all the while looking at me. She’d walk back And forth in front of me, tripping me. It would stop when I would accidentally step on her, and a loud shriek would come out. (That’s got to be the worst sound- like she was getting kicked or something.) She’d drift over to people passing by and act as if she was going to jump on them to say hi., knowing that wasn’t okay.

She briefly spotted only once, so I guess I assumed she was not as driven, and the same as LB June. I was taking her to the one dog park that I knew very few dogs went. If anybody has spent any time with her, know that it is imperative she goes outside to get at least some (a lot) exercise. Almost there, she stopped about 5 blocks from the park abruptly. Her and the leash fly out of my hand. There we both stood in a total stupid stare off. I think we were both thinking what IS going on. Her ears were fully erect, a mix of bewilderment, fear, and just pure animal look about her. She then turned and started rapidly trotting off.

I was shocked. I tried talking to her in every voice I knew that would get her attention. I’d step closer, she’d move further. A few people tried to grab her leash. She got to the end of the block and turned the corner, out of sight, right into 4 lanes of traffic. I was horrified. I think I yelled out “WTF CHARLEY?!?!” She stopped, saw me, dated through traffic again, running towards me, only to turn and go back through AGAIN. A total of three times, 4 lanes!

I finally got her down an alleyway, and, in my fear, I yelled at her, telling her if she thought she was just going to go wherever she wanted to go by doing this, she was wrong. I told her I was never going to take her there, to that park, EVER AGAIN!!!

But I knew it wasn’t that. She’s pretty stubborn, but for her to pull a stunt like that was RARE. I mean, unheard of.

We get back to the LINK station, got on the train, and that is when she fell back into her little girl, almost puppy-like, Charley Waffle. Her demeanor, her body language. She kept snuggling closer and closer to me with her head on my lap and sighing. My heart totally went out to her. Her face was buried in her paws. It was a really sad walk the rest of the way home.

I feel so bad because I compared her to LB June. They are two different dogs, just like people. I realized I can’t lump them all into one category. One stereotype, as ALL DOGS are like this one way. But what really got me sad was, I realized she was in this battle of her instincts and her wanting to please me, to be a good girl. Her face was just a misconstrued mix of emotions, reactions, instinct, and just plain confused when that had happened.

After this, I was telling people the story, and it seemed everybody knew that dogs in heat go feral and will jolt at any opportunity. Some people told me they even crate them during this. The way there were talking about it was like it was a known fact. I swear, I had no idea it was this bad for them.

Worst of all, realizing how horrible it was for her.

I have, now that it’s too late, researched the matter extensively. I can put two more things under one of my pages,” What I’ve Learned About Owning a CHARLEY WAFFLE .” Don’t take the cone off, until stitches are gone, and don’t ever underestimate that animal instinct. Once again, I’m glad she’s ok.