Towel Dry & 3 Laughs

Today, this morning, we went for a walk in the pouring rain. It was that kind of rain where looks are deceiving. It looked like little sprinkles, but once in it, the sprinkles turn into a soggy mess.

I love our walk in the morning, for she’s off the leash and she can run and run and wake the bunnies. We play frisbee and toss the ball around. I find it’s best to leave really early and get a good workout for her. It makes it a tad more mellow morning later on.

My favorite part today was the towel dry. Why is it so dang cute when dogs wiggle and roll and get this burst of raw energy after getting wet? I feel like joining in. She makes it look so fun. So, that made up at least three bursts of laughter for my average of 17 laughs a day. I’m going to start to take counting how many times I laugh a day. Does 17 laughs a day sound a lot, or does that sound sad? I dunno. I’m gonna keep track.

After Walking in the Rain & Towel Dry