Toilet Bone, or Toilet Ball?

My toilet has been plugged up for a few days. There is no maintenance department or maintenance person in my apartment building. It’s not totally plugged -plugged, just has a hard time when flushed and usually results in a good plunge every day and a half. Kinda gross, really. I can’t stand anything having to do with clogged-up toilets.

My concern is I fear Charley has dropped either a bone or a ball in the toilet bowl. What led me to believe this is when my friend, Mike, was here over Christmas, he had gone to use the bathroom. What I heard next puzzled me. I was hearing a dog lapping in the toilet. My dog. Charley. It makes a distinct sound, almost onomatopoeia-like. Lap, lap. I said loudly to Mike, “Is that Charley?” I was a bit confused, for I’ve never known her to drink out of the toilet. He answered with a “Oh yeah, she just followed me in here and I’m letting her finish up.” What??? Then, I asked, “You think I let her drink out of the toilet?”

“Well, yeah, I don’t know, I have friends who let their dog drink out of the toilet. We used to when I was a kid.”

“Don’t let her do that! Get her out of there!” As a matter of fact, I’ve put a stop to her walking into the bathroom while I am using it. There are a couple reasons for that. One, she will walk in, wagging her tail, and want me to pet her, then sit there and stare up at me, trying to put her head on my leg. Then she’ll act like she wants to play when I shoo her away. Second, sometimes that is the only tiny break I get from her steady gaze always staring and watching every move that I make in our small apartment. No joke. But, third, I have realized with her, is she has this weird competitive streak in her. She doesn’t like me doing something she can’t do, just as she starts pitching little tantrums when I’m eating, or when I have a soccer ball she can’t put in her mouth, or when I’m playing a video game or typing. Anything. She will try to sabotage in any way a canine can. Bark at the door. Bark out the window. Her big one the other day was getting my almost empty soda plastic bottle and crunch, crunch it in her mouth. Find something she knows she’s not to have and start playing with it. And she’ll do it in a loud, obnoxious way where it is hard not to laugh, yet hard not to want to throw her out the window.

Now, this is where I’m starting to think it may very well be a ball or a bone in my toilet. Mike, after a bit of discussion about dogs and toilet water, said to me, “Well, I think she was just trying to get a bone she hid.” UH? “I saw her with one in her mouth in the bathroom the other day. She’s always hiding them. I figured that’s what she did.”

I sat there. Maybe she did. She does hide all of her balls from me. There have been many times I’ve had around 5 balls for her, and they’ll disappear, whether outside or around the house, only to have them actually multiply the next day. We’ll be doing our normal walk, and she’ll dart into a bush, come out with her tail wagging, and in her mouth will be a ball I thought was gone a month ago. She does that all the time. It’s gotten to where I will only bring one or two balls when we go out, and if she loses them, (hides) that’s it for balls for a month. She’ll have to find the ones she’s hidden, or find new ones along the way.

I can totally see her doing something like that. Dropping a ball in the toilet, or a bone, watching it go to the bottom and disappearing, for I’m pretty sure I’d notice if one of those things were in my toilet. I can even picture her face. Her fluffy puppy innocent “me?” face as she tries to figure how and what happened to it.

I even bought a 3′ toilet snake, something I’ve never bought or done before. I don’t even know what one looked like. But, it worked. I bought it off Amazon. A 3′ Cobra. I did a review on Amazon about it because I was excited I was able to do this all by myself.

I am waiting now for them to come and do serious work on my toilet.

Just a few questions..

Do people let their dog drink out of their toilet? Eeww…maybe last resort, but isn’t there a kitchen faucet? And why was Mike so nonchalant about it? I dunno. Is it how he views me, or how he…..I don’t know…’s just another Charley Waffle day.

And she just got her 3 brand new JAWZ frisbees……

Luckily she can’t drop those in the toilet. Or should I say, luckily they can’t be flushed down the toilet…





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