Definition of Laughter

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision."she couldn't help laughing at his jokes" · [more]synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · snigger · snicker · cackle · howl · [more]NOUNan act of laughing."she gave a loud, silly laugh"synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · ha-ha · tee-hee · snigger · roar of laughter · hoot of laughter · shriek of laughter · peal of laughter · belly laughinformal(a laugh)something that causes laughter; a source of fun, amusement, or derision."she decided to play along with him for a laugh" · [more]synonyms:joke · prank · piece of fun · jest · escapade · adventure · caper · romp · practical joke · trick · bit of mischief · shenanigans · horseplay · lark · giggle · hoot

They say the average person laughs 17 times a day. Sometimes that seems like a lot. Other times very few. So I got to counting. I was in single digits. Charley has made my laughter back up to double digits. Even more. I am so grateful for her.


About Me, Charley Waffle and 17 Laughs

I have been reading this book that I happened to pick up somewhere, at a free station on my travels via “leather shoe express” that I was initially going to give right to my children, but having too much fun ( plus they like video games & K-POP) called “Uncle John’s Did You Know….? ” by
Bathroom Readers Press,

Average laughs a day=17

and one of the many facts listed in this awesome book was that the average human being laughs a total of 17 times a day. At first I really didn’t have much thought about how little or less 17 times a day was, until I really paid attention and thought about it. Man, some days before Charley it seems like an EXTREMELY semi-good day is to get 4 feeble, chuckles I guess what it could be called, out, let alone 17 laughs. Then, other days it will seem to be an extra giggly day, (which in “extra”I mean 5 or 6 larger-than-usual “chuckles”, making the 17 times of LAUGHTER seem sad. That was a pretty pathetic outlook.

Lucy laugh
Raucous old man laugh

But, I did have to think what it exactly. means by laughing, or laughs (what a weird spelled word) , or laughter, …because I think I have a high quota for the word “laughter”. Dang, the more I write “laughter” the weirder it looks.

My laughter is very loud, very strong, belly-like LOUD. My voice carries. MY definition of laughter comes out where my body starts acting OUT how I am feeling. (Is that “VISUAL STORYTELLING?,,???) I feel it just take over….I can’t explain it…sometimes bend over, kinda clutching my stomach, even though it doesn’t hurt, maybe for theatrical effects, I don’t know, (like I said, my body takes over) laughter, but that is my definition of LAUGHTER.

Theatrical laugh

So I looked up the definition of laugh. Well I looked it up and I can’t figure out how to paste and cut and copy the word. I looked it up and Wikipedias site pulled up

Had to throw creepy laugh
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Today I felt like Matthew McConaughey

The last couple days I have been feeling that Charley and I are on a new plateau as far as bonding. I have been taking her out every day and bringing along with me 2 balls, one of them with a chuck-it, 2 frisbees, one a Petco one and one a Wham-0, ( which we lost today…both of them..)and, if I’m feeling really on top of it I bring her soccer ball. People tell me, “oh, she’s a cattle dog, that is what she is trained for…” and I thought, yeah, yeah. She was born on a farm but I was wondering how much of her genetics comes into play. I have been taking her out every day, at least 3 times.

I’ve realized it is just like learning an instrument, or seeing the slow but ALL OF A SUDDEN results come in bounds. Well, we were playing with her soccer ball, and a tennis ball, and I noticed she kept whipping the back side of her towards whatever ball was rolling, (she also had one in her mouth) and nipping at it. So, I tried 2 balls to see what would happen. I showed her a basic area where all of our things were, and watching with absolute amazement I saw her herd the balls into this basic area. Every time she’d nip one of the “herd”, her tail would go up, back arched, ears bouncing with each little trot.

Today I just ended up walking her because she’d peed on my Real Change https://twitter.com/RealChangeNews?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthorpapers so there was no point in going out to sell until I got new ones. Starting out on our journey I had no idea where we’d end up. We wandered up on 4th street to this vacant parking lot in downtown Seattle that used to be packed before the pandemic. What a fun score v

We have this communication when we play, and we both feed off each other. She doesn’t like to drop her favorite frisbee so she pretends, after dropping it, heads towards some unseen whatever, sniffing her and there…. nonchalantly, leaving me open to grab her frisbee. She pretends to bark and growl but that is the way she does it. She’s so confident and so stubborn. People and all the YOUTUBE videos teach how to STOP toy guarding but, you know, it works for both of us. I’m good. Sometimes I get tired of being that perfect pet parent and the right way and what not to do, blah blah.

Back to why I feel like Matthew McConaughey

I remembered a Jimmy Fallon episode where each had to guess if a situation is true or false after reading a situation.
Matthew told of a story where it was just him and a Tiger alone in a cage. Just kicking it. Jimmy was supposed to guess if it was true or false. It was true. Matthew’s response was that after awhile they were jiving with each other and they were right with each other.” All right all right……”. Well I suddenly felt totally stoned, which Matthew has that power to emulate over the screen for me and in that moment I’d felt totally one with Charley, and I thought he was talking about me and and my Waffle. It is happening daily. It is cool. And beautiful. I love her. I felt like Matthew sitting there doing ESP with Charley.

Last night our heads were on opposite sides of the bed and she had her head resting on my ankles. I had my arm slung across her body. ALL RIGHT ALL-RIGHT…. she is just lovely. I’m really getting attached I love my Charley Waffle.



Wow. Today is at 1st. I was thinking back to April 1st. Which I remember as April Fool’s Day. And on that day last month I actually had to sit and think, wow! April 1st is April Fool’s Day, correct? I was questioning this just as I was about to say Good Morning. Happy….. and then stopping short. Was April Fool’s Day every other year? Or was it April 1st every year? I even asked somebody about this, or actually informed them of what my dilemma was. I was relieved when they had to stop and ponder the question. Then, after a long pause they brought up the fact that last year on April 1st was when the pandemic was just starting off to the races. And that whole year was a very strange year.

Now it’s May 1st and I really can’t remember what was going on. I know at some point I had to stop working because my job is one of constant public relations face to face, and that was starting to slow way down. People were being told to stay home. If only just for a few weeks. I don’t remember even smelling the air when it turned from winter to spring. Today was actually a day I seemed to be getting excited about summer. The birds were chirping at 3:30 a.m. it was light by 6 a.m. I actually am going out with a short sleeve shirt and just a light hoodie on. Still haven’t made it to shorts quite. I have a hard time finding one that fit well anyway, so that isn’t too far off a stretch for me. I’ve worn pants all through summer just because shorts have to fit just right. I’m trying more for skirts but I can’t find the right shoes. I always wear Converse and Vans and Doc Martens. I’ll show a pic and the website URL because right now Converse have sent amazingly beautiful colors out. Please any suggestions on what shoes to wear with a skirt when this is what I am used to wearing on my feet for shorts or/and skirts. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !https://www.google.com/search?q=ariat+boots&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&dlnr=1&sei=Pl6OYOnsF8Cd0PEPzaiw8AM

Vans…My “good” shoeshttps://www.vans.com/
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I’m not quite sure how this thing works. It would be cool if I could transfer all my notes to my computer.
For my blog I can just write random things like this.
Ok like today at the one medical center across our apartment we were right at the entrance of the parking lot and I saw somebody walking down the sidewalk. I just saw them in my peripherals because Charley was off leash. Then she said “right behind you” and I stepped back and said “oh she won’t bite you” I was just letting you know I was right behind you I didn’t want to startle you “ and I said” oh yeah I get what you are saying “ Then I was like” what is she saying?” It was daylight. The Sun was shining very bright. It was crisp air. Cars parked and people were milling around so i was confused. Did I looked like a scary person or my dog is scary or she was actually being nice? nbsp;I’ve gotten people actually get really scared of Charley. People beat around the bush, asking questions that ultimately asking if she was a Pit Bull. nbsp;One thought she was a Routweiller. (SP) &*** I was really stoned, which isn’t a normal thing but as in editing this 4 ymonths later and I’m getting to see where i was in my head early Charley days I realized. She probably just wanted me to know she was behind me. I was really stoned. I think I’m being super out sensitive about being a pet owner this time as opposed to last time with Lb June. I realized the difference was that I had a car and somewhat of a lawn with her as opposed to being this broken down individual living in subsidized housing and the stigma of it. And that people know about my past addictions AND I was homeless and I feel I’m still attached to those in their minds. I get it all the time. I know at times it could just be I’m super sensitive and other times it is blatantly obvious.

So we were playing with her new ball and it got away and her and I ran down the street after it and watched as it lodged itself under a car. I just got on my belly and got under the car, her waiting beyond anxious to save this really cool ball of hers. I become totally involved and get dirty when we play. Every day I’m taking her out and it ends up being a total outing. I know some guy watched us run down the street together because he stopped and just watched whole incident. I became really self conscious. Do other people do this with their dogs? Do other people walk around with a whole back pack full of different toys for their dog in case the opportune time presents itself ? Do other people end up with dirty pants and shoes from playing with their dogs? Why should I care? I don’t really know what to think or how to act anymore. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be like super strict with Charley or just do it the way I feel in the vibe with her, or if I’m going to sabotage the true potential of her??? Or am I supposed to do this another way? Are people like constantly thinking I’m this horrible pet owner? I swear it’s my confidence, lack of sometimes, from my past.

Owning a pet and being out in public is almost worse than being a new mother with her child. The difference I see is people will have no qualms telling what you are doing wrong, or things about the breed that is textbook, or saying the wrong harness is being used, her nails need clipped, and this one GETS MY GOAT… “You know Kari, when you own a dog it’s a lot of work. Do you think you can handle it?”  Or “ Dogs aren’t like cats, they need to be taken outside”. My therapist wanted to go on a walk with me and Charley, and what I started to notice is she wanted to see how I interacted with her. She started with comments like, “ I thought your dog isn’t supposed to walk in front of you,” and “you know that you are supposed to be the Alpha female, “ and “she’s only a puppy Kari. “.  I didn’t know we were going for Best in Show that day, so I thought maybe I could learn something from her. I asked her what kind of things did she teach her dog. Her reply, “Oh, I have never had a dog. I don’t have the time.”   …….WHA???