Definition of Laughter

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision."she couldn't help laughing at his jokes" · [more]synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · snigger · snicker · cackle · howl · [more]NOUNan act of laughing."she gave a loud, silly laugh"synonyms:chuckle · chortle · guffaw · giggle · titter · ha-ha · tee-hee · snigger · roar of laughter · hoot of laughter · shriek of laughter · peal of laughter · belly laughinformal(a laugh)something that causes laughter; a source of fun, amusement, or derision."she decided to play along with him for a laugh" · [more]synonyms:joke · prank · piece of fun · jest · escapade · adventure · caper · romp · practical joke · trick · bit of mischief · shenanigans · horseplay · lark · giggle · hoot

They say the average person laughs 17 times a day. Sometimes that seems like a lot. Other times very few. So I got to counting. I was in single digits. Charley has made my laughter back up to double digits. Even more. I am so grateful for her.

2 cops, still 2 cops

Charley and I live down the street from the jail, the court house, and Harbourview. We pass by cops, ambulances , fire trucks everyday, and that includes hearing all the sirens. She gets very excited and will watch in awe whether she’s on the sidewalk, or running to look out the window when she hears them. She gushes, I swear, when any of them are in uniform, and standing in front of her. She gets really shy. Her eyes become stars. Sees stars.

Yesterday, we passed by 2 uniformed officers, one young, one older. I figured it was like the movies, where one is, well, the elder, and the other is “in training.”

I commented on this observance, and proceeded to ask the younger one how old he was. He looked like a teenager. I told him he looked like he was just a bit older then my 16 year old son.

His face and body language “snapped” to attention, and awkwardly he did his best to look serious. It was painful to watch. I think he said 23.

I carried on trying to keep it a casual conversation. I was suddenly aware we were surrounded by graffiti that said, “F PIGS! F the POLICE! DEFUND!” , and the park next to the court house had chain link fence wrapped around it with white signs and red lettering that said “PARK CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”, due to the safety of the police, and the recent rape of an attorney inside the courthouse’s woman’s bathroom. Ugh.

I turned to the older cop, trying to lighten the mood, asked him his age. I’ve never heard it’s not ok to ask a man his old he is. He said 49. He even gave his birthday. March something 1971.

I said something stupid like, “Oh wow! I’m a 1970 December Baby. WinterSolstice! Charley here is a Virgo, 9/8/2020.” Her tail kicked into overdrive hearing her name. “HEY! I’m older than all of you! That means I’m everybody’s elder! Which means you all have to respect me!” ( something stupid along the lines).

He immediately replied, “NO, YOU people have to respect US!”

I wanted to laugh. They suddenly appeared . like 2 kids on the play ground trying to pick on a girl. Charley, in the meantime, was squirming with the screamie meemies, oblivious to the context off the conversation.

I switched gears. “ Hey, do you think you guys could say hi to Charley? She’s your biggest fan. She’s barely able to contain herself.”

The elder cocked his head back, pulled a hand out of his pocket, and in a PATRONIZING, CONDESCENDING way, a “HI” came out of his mouth. With a sarcastic wave.

You know what? Charley felt it, and her tail dropped, her eyes looked up in a disgusting manner, and actually backed away, turning her back on them.

I went into it talking to them like regular people. Quickly I was reminded of my place in the land of people below.

It didn’t make it any better the fact I had just been thrown on the ground a few weeks ago, got arrested, the whole time Charley looking on, and thrown in jail for the night, not knowing if Charley was going to be ok. And all they had to do was ask me and listen to me and but they stereotype me type for me

That is another story. I don’t think I’m going to strike up a conversation any time soon. Jerks.

Lost in Translation


I was doing laundry and Charley was waiting in the hallway while I quickly darted back into my apartment for another quarter for the wash (I forgot it went up to $1.00) when I suddenly i thought I heard a “HEY!!!!! YOUR dog just bit me.” I came running out and said,” she just bit you?” I was extremely concerned. This would be a first.

He shook his head. “No, no, no, she just nipped me. She always likes to come up behind and then nips me. I don’t like anything coming up behind me.” He always has one or two black eyes when I see him.

Oohhhh. Ok…that’s it???? Thank goodness. It sounds like she could’ve been shot if it was more than nipping.

I said, kinda giggling, also kinda hoping it would alleviate any dark feelings, “Oh no. She just wants to HERD you.”

He smiled. (Great!) and replied, “oh well that’s not too cool. But, no, she didn’t hurt me, because that would have been the last of that, I tell you.” Ugh. You’re so lucky Charley.

It was then that I suddenly realized this happened before, only it was with a small child, and 2 others in their early teens, and their mom, I believe. I only saw the small one wobbling in front of the family pack. Charley had jumped into action, sounding an”ATTENTION” bark, telling everyone to straighten up and get it together. The small one’s whole body jerked, eyelids fluttering from shock, gearing up for the huge wail, and the others instinctually jumping in front, while the mother grabbed her up. If looks could melt. I had hurriedly tried to say, “No, no! She just wants to herd the children! Like sheep!!!” As soon as herd came out of my mouth, I could tell she thought I said hurt. And I may have. I was so flustered.

That day I wasn’t able to explain because they hastily left the scene. I wasn’t about to chase them down. Charley would’ve been in front.

I relayed that story, in which he ended up laughing and told me, “It’s all good.”

I was relieved it was all good. It sounded at first that Charley escaped a fate undesired if she’d taken a chunk from his ankle.

There’s all good twice. How gross.

Funny little thing. Charley nipper-skipper…

Our daily discovery.

Diamond in the rough


Looking to save chubby unicorns and found this…. behind Harborview


We were walking to our regular spot but I am seriously getting too used to it. So we adventured up to harborview medical center and went up and down these stairs. I’d heard about a park being right behind the hospital. I was in the mood to explore and after walking past the respite part of the hospital, and the bus stop with patients communing, smoking, all in hospital garb we came into this clearing. How cool is that? I love Harborview hospital. I was in there for 35 days given 6 months to live. That was 2015.