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Charley’s backpack

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I had done a little bit of research on what can a dog use to carry some hiking tools or balls or water, anything to lighten the load on me, and to give her some sort of purpose, being a total typical working dog. I’d read up on a few of these dog “backpacks”, but what was funny is I got a lot of this at first;

On my
Dang! Kinda looks like her!
She’d probably love that.

Finally I started gaining some headway and started looking at ones like this;

I ended up getting the one in the lower right hand corner, the ONETIGRIS, for $35. I got it in black, but now that I think about it, I buy myself everything black, just because anything else gets stained. I’m hard on my clothes. Always have been. But, I’m thinking black may not be good for her, because she’s got the black coat, and it’s pretty thick, so I think it would take in too much Sun. I’m going to have to think more.

I just got really excited when a few of the reviews were talking how it have their dogs something to do, plus worked them out in half the time. BONUS!!!

I am once again at a stall state in trying to make sure she gets enough exercise, but I’m not trying to kill myself in the process. Just yesterday we were trying to do this flip trick where she vaults off of me and does this twist flip in the air. She got overexcited and came running at me, jumped full force and knocked me clear around and I fell smack on my knees. Ouch.

I’m probably going to have to wait to try this new pack on her. She’s probably traumatized about her harness and how it rubbed her raw in the armpit. Either she’s Traumatized or I’m just feeling really bad and I’m traumatized by feeling so bad, so I’m probably gonna hold off trying her on that pack. It sure is nice looking though.

Last time I tried to give her a job I clipped a set of my keys on her leash. They were gone after diving into the treestrees waking the bunnies in the morning.

We’ll see how it goes. This is it;

Charley’s new pack


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