Green eyed Monster

Charley is a little green eyed monster. She’s jealous when I am talking to people. She’s jealous when I pet another animal. She’s jealous when I’m on the phone. She’s jealous that she can’t eat avocados or chocolate. She’s jealous I can sit on a toilet and she thinks I’m hiding something from her, so she drops a ball in it. She’s jealous when I try to read a book. She’s jealous when I try to draw or write or bead. She’s jealous of the phone. She’s jealous of the remote control. She’s jealous of the fish in the fish tank. CHARLEY IS A JEALOUS BEAST.

But, you know, I am not one to judge. She’s spunky and she shows it with pride. I’m jealous she’s got endless amount of energy. I’m jealous she can pull the “who ME??” Or the “I’m a dog and can’t understand you.” I’m jealous of her beautiful, thick coat that yields endless compliments. I’m jealous she has no society police. I’m jealous her only worries is where is that frisbee?

I guess the grass is always greener.

I’m just kidding.

I was going to sound off when I first started writing, but 6 hours have passed and I’m not as annoyed. I happened to wake up in the middle of the night and realized I had to charge my phone and put away my groceries.

She’s rolling around trying to get me to look cute.

Little Green Eyed Monster. She’s so funny.





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