Side Flip “WHOMP”

I don’t have a picture of it, nor do I want to. Charley and I are trying some new flying disc tricks that includes launching and flipping, all because;

  • She’s super smart
  • She’s “got that.”
  • She’s bored
  • I’m bored
  • Why not??
  • Looks super cool

For us to try to attempt a back flip, I’ve been watching a ridiculous amount of You tube videos teaching your dog flying disc tricks, which I can only watch about 7 minutes of if she’s with me (which is almost always) , and by that time she’s amped up and full of piss and vinegar ( can’t believe I said that) and ret set ready to go. It’s like pornography for dogs. Talk about excited.

In the process of throwing it high and trying to pull it back (the flying disc) like the video showed, she managed to jump in the air, got confused of the directional change and WHOMP!!!! She landed on her side. Ouch.

How unnatural looking. It’s kinds like watching a horse fall. There’s something not right about that scene.

Talk about horrified. Me. Her. The look on her little face. On my face. She ran over to me and pressed against me. I could tell it knocked the wind out of her. She seemed stunned.

How do you explain to an over-achiever, A -TYPE cyborg dog they are ok and fine, just take a break, relax. I know there’s a language barrier so when I hug her and ask her if she’s ok she just wiggles and starts comforting me. Then, she wants TO KEEP TRYING. I then felt bad because I’ve heard dogs just want to please their OWNERS.. So after “are you ok?” To “don’t feel bad. That was awesome! It was my fault! Bad Throw!”

Really? May I stand back and listen to what I’m saying? Ugh ! least I don’t dress her in a tu- tu like the neighbor does with her dog. Poor thing. I turn to Charley and said,” be thankful I’m not letting making you walk around like that!”

I’m second thought, it is 2-2-22. Two two twenty two. Tu-tu, tu-tu. Maybe the tu-tu is ok for the day.





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