Silly Rabbit

Army dude apparently been through a tough battle (his hands & face)
“multi cultural” guy playing football, er, literally. Foot (1) ball.

I collect these little “figures” from Archie McPhee. They have tons of them and they get changed out all the time. They had one series that was called “MULTICULTURAL FAMILY”, Women looking very assertive. Men with aprons on. Black men. It’s funny, I didn’t see a white one.

? (but look at the crazy rabbit and Headless chicken)

This one also slays me;

That is an Archie McPhee Chicken with no head or legs. Jesus is rollin’. With pose-able limbs. I wonder what happened to the chicken????

Yes I collect these. I was really upset when she ate the base of the flamingo ones I had.

I told her if she does it again she’s going to get the same treatment.

Funny thing is, I don’t see her do it, and they always end up where there were to begin with.

Knuckle Head.




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