Sunday fun

So Mike and I ANd CHARLEY were in line for the ferry. Something I’ve never been on in the 15+ years I’ve lived here. So that was the day we were going to cross that of the list. But, alas!!! One of the people in a yellow vest came up to the truck and told us we are going to have to turn around because they’ve told them to evacuate everyone on the pier.

Why, must I ask. Not something I hear everyday.

Did not know. Just they are evacuating the area.

All of Seattle? Washington? How many miles was going to be evacuated???

She did not know.

So we decided to go to the beach.

I’ve got to say it was absolutely beautiful. Reminded me of California. Except there weren’t many people.

According to Mike if you had a plane I could fly it to Japan.

Well, not on my bucket list, but thank you.

Actually I didn’t know that.

All I know is the sky met the water. It was sunny. And beautiful. And I got to watch Charley run run run. With her tongue flopping to the side. I think I was able to download it to my page.

It was awesome I’m just glad there is beauty everywhere. I’m going to appreciate it and respect it.

Charley found balls, err nuts on the beach. Ha Ha.

I still have “ride the ferry” on my Washington bucket list.

So story is at the end. The ferry had a bomb threat. And that was on my mind the while we were on the beach. And right across the way was Japan, per Mike’s mention. Then, on the way home he actually was going to take the ferry home. Silly silly silly.





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