A Pit Bull, a Pekingese and a Daisy walk into a bar. What do they all have in common?
A hybrid dog named Daisy
that is a mix of a Pekingese and a Pit Bull.

We were at Freeway Park,

and around the corner came an old Benji-looking dog with grey, gristly hair and a solid, determined stare. As soon as Charley saw the dog she seemed to lose interest. I think because she knows those types of dogs for her EQUAL a dull time. But, she still wanted to try to get a reaction from Benji by doing double bop on the side of the head, a high pitch bark, and an eager wag of her tail.

Immediately, this dog sprang into action. Chased her. Refused to get chased. Was in her face. Boxed back twice when Charley playfully slapped her with a paw. I could sense Charley’s excitement was starting to wane, then flipped to annoyance, apprehension, to an “AAACK!!! leave me the f alone! You’re kinda scaring me!”

I think she met her match. Li’l ol’ Benji was kicking her ass.

Meanwhile I’d been talking to the owner of Charley’s new best foe and found out the little girl’s name is Daisy. And then I noticed the cute little pink bow around her neck. How cute!!! I remember Charley was passed on to us with a little cute pink bow as well. Cute cute. I get it.

He said she is a mix of a couple things. First, she’s a pit Bull (…..wha???). And a “pug, no perineal, a …)

Pekingese? I asked. “Yes, yes, That’s it. A pit Bull and Pekingese“.

“Pekingnese?” Yes! Yes! And……she’s half…PIT BULL!”

Wow. A pit Bull incognito. Pit Bull and Pekingese. Can I picture that? I tried. Wow. He said the pit dad was 160 lbs. Awesome. No wonder. Daisy Duke stands solid like a stOcky pit Bull and had the facial bone structure. The Pekingese for the size, and I guess the wiry hair was a mix of a short haired pit with long haired Pek.

Made total sense. Take away the hair, and she was a short, stocky little pit Bull. Hair had to go, but I guess that is the pekingese in her.

What a cool disguise! My first dog was a little pit Bull, LB JUNE. I remember all the stuff I had to go through. Imagine walking down the street, or in a park, or even at the house, and not getting sone kind of judgement about you pit Bull. That is awesome.


Diane Holland

That is our story about the Pekingese and the Pit Bill named DAISY.

I love who I meet when walking around with Charley. At least she gets me out and social. She’s my silly little girl.





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