It’s Sunday

The cherry blossoms in Washington are blooming. When that happens I immediately think of University of Washington, because the whole campus is absolutely filled. It’s breathe taking. I also think of my Concord apartment on Meadow Lane in California. It was 550 dollars for a 1 bedroom, which sounds like a dream now, but this was 30 years ago. Anyway, it was at the base of Mt Diablo, which has the most beautiful display of the mountain in the late afternoon, when the sun would just illuminate the whole hill with yellow and orange and it seemed to radiate, I dunno, life and power.

The thing was my apartment was in a sketchy part of town. It was probably like Aurora Ave in Seattle or Colfax Ave in Colorado. But the one thing I also noticed in that apartment, was the cherry blossoms. There were two trees that rose above my balcony and would be just spangly sticks in the winter, and my view was the other apartment complex and it’s parking lot across the way. But, man, come spring and looking out that same sliding glass door would be pinkish, purple tinted plush ( my auto correct put that in- so I’m leaving it) yet delicate flowers on these branches. It was absolutely amazing. And I mean that. I would walk in and just sit and stare at them. Everything seemed light, and fresh, and fun.

I happened to open the luxurious blinds of this downtown apartment, where my view is the food bank that used to be, and the apartments across the way. No parking lot. But, there it it is. These awesome trees among concrete and graffiti, the cherry blossoms. Maybe that’s why Charley keeps looking out the window.

Cherry Blossoms and Charley

I will be going on a camera expedition to university of Washington to take sone ( a lot) of pictures of the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, Charley can’t come.

There are too many bunnies.




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