Yesterday was an absolute nightmare. Every time my buddy Comes to town Charley goes absolutely nuts. When he leaves for awhile I’ve got to clean up the aftermath.  She won’t listen, she’s extra defiant, and she’ll run up to any truck with a man getting out if it. 
This time was the worst. We had stopped at a park to show off her new trucks she’s learned with flying discs. Everything was going great, she was shining, prancing, tail and tongue wagging. He goes to leave to pack up for his trip back to PA. Charley and I were going to stay and hang out at the park. The weather was awesome. We crossed the street and I started to see the beginning signs of her looking around, anxiously, to see where he went. All of a sudden she pulled out of her leash and collar, and ran out in the middle of the street. She would not stop for me, she wasn’t even aware of the cars that were honking and dodging her.
I quickly called Mike and told him to come right away. She was not listening to me.
He finally arrives, me on one side of the street, him on the other. She saw him, made the biggest dash to him. He started yelling, I started cussing. It is the most horrible feeling. The helplessness and the fear.
She got to Mike, thinking he’d be as equally happy to see her. He took her by the scruff of her neck and lived her down in the ground.
The look she gave him. SHOCK. BETRAYAL. Hurt.
I ran over to them, and I could not even look at her. Angry, hurt, sad, helpless.
I told him he had to take her for the day. Well, strongly suggested it.
He 100% agreed. He took her out to his house to run in the backyard for the rest of the day.
I’m still in disbelief. I know she adores him, but every time he comes around, I no longer exist, his word is gold, and I end up having to correct her over and over for the next two weeks.
So, we are having to think about this for a minute. I was going to go out to PA for a few months with her to his new house, but I’ve got a prior engagement that is scheduled for the 19th. He’s got to be back on Tuesday night.
We are both thinking she should ride out with him, and I’ll fly out there later.
I dunno. It’s still upsetting!




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