Coda And Cheesecake

Compliments of Regrade Park, SEATTLE

Today Charley had to go to my doctor’s appointment at 9:30 because maintenance was coming in and we both had to be here, or we would both leave together. Bottom line is they didn’t want Charley to be left alone while they enter our place. Which, I get. I don’t like walking into a house when there’s a dog that I’ve never met in there. It feels intrusive, plus a bit daunting.

After we went to my doctors appointment, in which she was absolutely lovely, (Charley) we took the bus to head out to Wallingford. However, there is Regrade dog “park” on the way. I have avoided that park for awhile because Charley started acting terrified to even go within 5 blocks of the park. So when she started whining when she saw there were dogs at the park, I took advantage of the opportunity and got off on the stop right across the street. It turned out that was a really good idea.

We met a dog named Coda, a beautiful Husky dog with those beautiful sky blue eyes and a soft, fluffy coat. Her owner’s name was Bruce, an older gentleman with a SPECIAL FORCES military ball cap. I forgot what faction it said, but I’ll save that question for another day.

He was in one of those electric chairs for he told me he could walk, but he can’t feel the lower part of his right leg due to 29 years of sciatica. Awful. I’ve had a sciatic nerve pinched and it was awful, but mine was for about 1 month. I can’t imagine 29 years.

He’d gotten Coda at the age of 9 years, and only had him for about 6 weeks. He told me when he met Coda it was instantaneous. He felt this bond between the dog and knew he was the one. He’d read on Facebook about the owner was looking for a home for Coda. He didn’t know the details, but it didn’t matter. He said he feels like Coda had a bit of his other dog’s soul that had passed in this mature, 9 year old dog. He is sure of that.

I believe that. I had a cat named Edward that I used to just stare at and wonder if we used to know each other. I’d ask him out loud “where did we meet?” I don’t feel that way about every pet I’ve had, but Edward I did.

I’ve found myself asking Charley a similar question, because her eyes take on this human quality that seems to speak telepathically to me. Sounds weird, I know. But, a couple of my friends have said the same about her. She will take on this wise, sometimes stern, old soul set deep inside her hazel peepers.

I didn’t quite ask her if we knew each other in a past life. I asked her, “ are you here to teach me a lesson to be more patient, and will you take me with you to your Mother Ship when you decide to leave?”

I swear her eyes got big and locked on mine before she looked away, metamorphosing back into this playful, innocent puppy look she tried to pull off.

Yeah, I’ve got her number ……she is part Alien/cyborg. Can’t fool me.

Turns out that Bruce is a major baker. His speciality are cheesecakes. Just the mention of the word makes my mouth water. His new one he just made was a ginger bread cheesecake. Is it just me, or does that sound divine? Oh my gosh.

Coda, he said, doesn’t play fetch. He’ll throw the ball and Coda will just half ass gallop towards it and then turn around, and stroll slowly back to Bruce.

But, get this. Charley kept bugging Coda to play. He started doing this puppy paw jump at the ball, and pick it up with his teeth. I started to toss the ball lightly in front of Coda to not make it so challenging. Charley would run up to it and start barking at it, and then look at Coda. Pretty soon the Husky started pouncing on the ball and prance around like a pretty pony. Bruce gut out if his chair and started kicking the ball. Coda started chasing it and bringing it back. Charley, excited (when is she not?) started talking, barking really loud, over and over. She’d run around the two in what I guess an attempt to herd them in. Or maybe she was barking commands, giving pep talks, encouraging them. Who knows. We had a great time.

The one thing I have always liked about Regrade park are the people. I’ve found that people are very friendly, and it feels like a little community. Many people don’t go to this park because of the drug deals and shady people around the perimeter. But, I’ve never had a problem with people who are outside the park. I feel they are respectful with the pet owners that go there.

It is gravely, and it’s somewhat small. It has a water fountain there with a big bowl for the dogs. If the fountain is not working, people usually have something with them and are open to share.

But for the most part, the main attraction is that dogs get to socialize. The ball is just an accessory. The people are fun. We are also just an accessory there.

I like Regrade park, and I think it gets a bad rap. I like the fact it’s fully closed. Two gates going in, two gates going out. And the people are very vigilant about the gates. Always close the gates when leaving. Bags are available for dog poop, and if I’ve forgot to bring a tennis ball, there’s always one lying around.

Oh, and best thing of all, Charley was knocked out the moment we got home. BONUS!!!!!




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