I love my Squishy Bean

Man, oh man. Charley, A.K.A. Bo-Bo’s, Love-Love, Bubblegum-Butt, Squishy, SQUISHY-BEAN, Sweetheart, and Butthead are my little names for Charley. Rarely do I call her Charley.

Anyway, today the apartment management is supposed to come in and fix the plumbing. Or put a BandAid on it. And hope for better weather.


A year and half ago a main pipe broke inside the wall that happened to be in my bathroom. Ever since, the plumbing has been failing, from one apartment to the next. The building is only 4 years old, but I can’t tell how many buckets I’ve seen places on the floor, strategically placed, catching drips from the ceiling in the main hallways of the complex. This has been the case for the last three years.

My bathroom is still gutted out from that incident. Subsidized Housing at your finest. I keep meaning to write about that, the subsidized issue, because there is so much to say and tell and think about. I need to let my opinions settle for awhile before I open my mouth.

Back to Squishy. I informed her “they” would be coming in this morning as I bustled around picking up the place. Leaving, I informed her I’d be back before “they” would even step foot into our place.

I left, got into the only elevator that is working (another issue in this building), and realized I’d forgotten my phone. Up to My floor again.

I put the key in my door, and entered. I expected Charley to be right at the door, as she is every time she hears the key. Nothing. Not even a bark. I stepped in and said,” it’s only me!” NOTHING. A bit confused, I went over to her wildlife perch and, once again. NOPE.

Charley’s wild life perch
Looking at city wildlife

I looked in the only place I could think she’d be. There she was. It broke my heart. She was crunched in her “room” in the corner, totally trying to be invisible. I could barely make her out for she was hiding in her blankets and stuffed friends. As soon as she saw it was me, she came out, her tail becoming her body. A sense of relief went through her expression. A total compassionate, sad, worried, sorrowful feelings one passed through mine.

It dawned on me, when I told her management would be coming in, tied in with my out of the ordinary behavior in the morning, she had gotten the gist of what was going on.


She is smart like that. She didn’t act like she knew what I was talking about when I left, but there she was, hiding, thinking it was strangers, not me. I wish I could go more into how scary smart she is, but I find people dismissing it as “how cute”, or “awww… cute little pup”. She loves it. Being called pup or puppy. She turns on the extra cute.

Ok. Just a babbling post about my little Charley person pup. Ha ha. I’ve had too much fun putting images in this.

Anyway, turns out after all of that fuss, management never did come in. Now the hallway is a bunch of blowing fans and sections of the ceiling cut out. Ugh. Pretty soon the whole building will be flooded out.




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