It’s been over two weeks since I’ve seen Charley smile. Last week she went to the vet for shots and a general check up. Because of Covid I’ve never met her vet , which I’m not too cool with that, so it’s a just a drop and go. Call me when she’s ready.

Four hours later, I picked her up from the vets Office, and then started what I’m calling “The Long Walk Home”. I kept trying to talk to her, “Charley, Squishy Bean, Bo Bo.” And she NEVER LOOKED BACK AT ME. We walked in silence. Not once did she pull, or try to get me entangled with the leash. Not once did she pretend that she had to make friends with everyone, animal or human, or smell and sprinkle every bush.

It was very discerning.

Once we got home she put her head down so I could take her harness off, and walked to her room and curled up. I finally got her to look at me and it was so horrible. She looked at me with eyes that said, “I trusted you.” Nothing more, nothing less.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

I’m just glad she’s opening up with me again. I’m glad she thinks she’ll be able to catch that squirrel. Or bird. Or she thinks children are sheep and she needs to herd them. (That one sucks). I’m glad she thinks I’m a cyborg like her and have unlimited energy.

I’m just glad she’s smiling again.





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