Every time Charley walks ahead of me I giggle. She’ll be prancing with her head and tail high, and her little butt moves side to side. Her back legs move quicker than her front, so she trots at an angle.

But, ha ha, she’s got the cutest little butt. I’ll pinch it, and she just stands there.

Charley gets compliments every day. There is always somebody who says “what a beautiful dog,” or “I love the colors of your dog.” I’ll say “thank you” and keep walking.

But the thing is, I think Charley is scruffy looking. She reminds me of a hyena, or a desert dog…. DINGO!!! She, to me, looks like she’s a stray and needs a bath.

Thinking back I remember when I saw her in the Craigslist ad. There was two of them. A male and a female. My eyes immediately went to her picture. My initial thought was, “oh my! That poor little rug rat. I want her. She belongs to me “.

Her brother, if I remember correctly, was already sold. I felt that nobody wanted her because she was so funky looking. I looked at her and felt I was going to be the one to take her to a loving home. Tell her she’s pretty. 

I’ve read stories when the owner and the animal have an instant connection upon first sight. I kinda feel that way with her. Even though I just saw a picture of her I knew she was going to be mine.

I do believe I was meant to have her. Sounds really stupid but i think she’s here to teach me a few things and for me to learn some lessons. That sounds weird, but every animal I’ve gotten we’ve hooked up in perfect situation, and I’ve always taken something beautiful away from them. Charley came 5 years after Lb June passed, during Covid, and during a time I really needed distraction. I love my stinky butt.

Is that a wild dog?

But I’ve always thought she was ugly. No, her coat was ugly.

I don’t understand why people compliment her coat. But THANK YOU!

My pretty little ugly girl






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