Marvelous Charley

We had the most marvelous Sunday. I don’t know if that sentence was put together properly but I don’t care. (Most marvelous)

Lately I’ve been having issues with Charley as far as her wigging out at certain locations. There’s something that all of a sudden causes great intrepedation within her. She’ll freeze, stand solid still, and WILL NOT BUDGE. She’s gone as far as backing out of her harness and, laying close to the ground, creep erratically away. I have learned to let her go for a few 50 feet because if I try or anyone else to stop her it causes the opposite reaction. I will tell people “it’s ok, let her go,” which usually gets some hard looks from people, as if I don’t care about what happens to her. Just the opposite.

I started it slowly, going down to the bus stop. She seemed to be fine. We rode the bus to the u district, our usual stop, and continued without any sort of sketching out.

I did avoid the major problem areas where it’s almost a 100% guarantee sketch, but I think It’s a good idea. Didn’t want to press the goodness. Even though I’m trying to figure out what is making her so nervous.

We ended up at Gorilla Park in the u district. The grass was full and high. The sun was perfect. There were a few people there that did a Meet Up deal to play with their little yorkies. The atmosphere and vibe were perfect. Charley was anxious at first, but she calmed down after 1 hour of playing huck it and catch. SHE ACTUALLY SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME for a good 5 minutes. To me that is a great, marvelous day!

My battery is dying so more later. It was just a festive, refreshing, sunny marvelous day.

We also ended up at Cal Andersonwhere we got to see this punk rock marching band playing Third Eye Blind. I loved seeing the girl with a full sleeve of tattoos and purple black hair holding a monstrous tuba. I told them all they were beautiful.

It was awesome. I was in the mood where all sweet things were bringing tears to my eyes.

And the whole dang day was sweet. Dang it.

“Get out of my eyes teardrops, I can’t see my way around.” Jerry Garcia.  





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