Simply Charley

She had the time of her life last night with her two balls. We walked up to Seattle U where they just recently removed the barriers from around the field so humans and animals are free to walk and play and the students can study on the grass. I guess it was cordoned off to give the area a rebirth, because now it is thick and lush, and deep, whereas it was patchy and bare before.

And I’m writing really stupidly because I’m just trying to get this down before I forget this pleasant feeling. I feel I’m writing English 101.

Going on our end of the night walk I could only find one Chuck-It ball , (her fav) and one 🎾 . (My fav). I told her we weren’t going to bring any flying discs or a the Chuck-It launcher. Just two balls. That’s it.


She turned to me and stared, wagging her tail and looking at my purse, where the two balls resided. I took one out, threw it, and took the other one out and tossed that one in the air She automatically caught the first one and held it in her mouth, then volleyed the other ball off of what was in her mouth. She got all excited, and waited with bright eyes for me to kick or throw the other ball again. And again. And again.

It was getting pretty redundant for me. While she’d run after the second ball and stop it with her paws or her nose, I’d have to walk to it and kick/throw it all over again.

I was just about to tell her it was getting old, let’s go when I happened to stop and look at her. Her tail had this puppy wag about it that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Her ears were floppy, and she had the biggest grin, wrapped around the ball in her mouth. She was having a blast. She would stop the ball and act as if she was saving the world.  She’d follow it with a VICTORY-DANCE in a full circle around the one ball. Her back was arched and her tail looked like it belonged on an Arabian horse.  

I couldn’t help smiling. The rain started slightly, but I swear, and this is going to sound cheesy, there was absolute sunshine surrounding us.

God she was adorable.

I think sometimes I run her too hard. It just seems she wants it. I can never run her out. But maybe she just wants to play. Play like the little puppy she still is.

It was absolutely a glorious evening.

We’ve had two days that just seemed to flow. I am so content. She’s content as well, i I believe.

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