In Search of…..


Lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on Tubi regarding aliens, UFO’S, scariest places and people, and other random things that Tubi will just keep looping random show after random show.

I started getting into the Big Foot documentaries. I think I kept watching them because I noticed Charley was somewhat interested. Especially one particular individual grabbed her attention.

His name is Jason Kenzie, an “ADVENTURER and a “Photo Journalist“, or, my favorite, a “PHOTO WARRIOR” according to his website. And T-shirt!


I wasn’t paying attention at first, I just noticed Charley was being occupied by something other than what I was doing. Then I noticed her facial expressions and ears were fluctuating, so I started to watch.

I was like, seriously? Is this guy for real? With his jeans and leather jacket, and a tiny hint of a lisp. Is he making a spoof or what? This is so silly. He was making the call that “official” Big Foot seekers do, which is a big WHOOP WHOOP!! Then he busted out a strategy that’s supposed to awaken them, and that is to strike a tree with a huge branch KNOCK! KNOCK!!! Him and his cameraman, friend, whoever was around would all of a sudden freeze… Then, all would start repeating, “Did you hear that? Did you hear that?” They’d continue to walk a bit, getting very excited about one little leaf branch had been broken, or some disturbed ground. All the time he’d be narrating, either on camera, or as a voice over, in a very excited (sarcastic?) way. But, I found myself glued to the screen. He started to make me giggle. I ended up watching both of Sasquatch I and II. So did Charley. At the end of the first film he ends it with a meant-to-make-you-jump boo, in which it worked, because both of us actually jumped.

It wasn’t until I watched a couple other docs about the subject when I realized that he absolutely got it all right. Not much happens when out on a quest, but a whoop, sometimes from the unknown, or a few knocks, but almost always in all documentaries was “Did you hear that?” He was for real. He put some kiddish awe in the search. Everybody really seemed to like him as well.

What was really cool is that he found one of the tree structures the species supposedly erected throughout the forest. And, because they (researchers) think it means “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he ends up tying a hammock under it and sleeps under the branches. He comments that it is probably the safest place, for people- people won’t pass, and neither will Big Foot on their side. It showed he was neutral.

What I found was I quite liked him. Whether he was being silly, serious, Real, sarcastic, it didn’t matter. He was refreshing and fun. Plus, he was able to go on an expedition with some of the serious hardcore Sasquatch Finders. The major players.

They even called him to go on a Sasquatchedition, a meeting of all seekers and witnesses and believers. He even was a guest speaker at the event!

In Jason’s Kenzie’s words, “Is that exciting or what?”

But what is exciting to me is I wrote him an email, and guess what??? He wrote back!! I invited him to come to Seattle where we have sightings, of Sasquatch and Aliens.

I would have never known about this guy, or how this Big Foot is a ..BIG THING if it weren’t for Charley’s absolute attention and funny reactions.

Thank you Charley! I would have probably never put a doc on about that subject unless I’ve been having to restructure my routine a bit so we are both content. And, Thank you Jason! Put a definite smile on my face and heart!!! I believe because of you two!!!





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