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Lovely Wednesday

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What started out as a little “ride the bus to the park” day turned into running into an old friend, Kevin, meeting a postman named Gabriel, and being introduced to Mod, the dog, whose owner told us about a little park under the bridge by the freeway.

All in that order.

Mod’s owner and I started exchanging our experience of different dog parks in and around the city. That’s when he asked me if I knew about the little beach that had steps leading down to the water. It was right under the bridge going to Seattle. He said it was a short walk from where we were sitting and chatting.

After a few stumbles into BlackBerry bushes and dead ends on the waterfront finally got us to our destination.

OH, Best off All,


Here are some pictures:

So close, so close. Can’t you just feel the agony?

I can’t believe this little park, a Diamond in the rough, existed.

People have weird reactions when I say we’re going to the park under the bridge.

I’ll just say that there is Beauty Beneath Bridge in Ballard. Or, in Ballard, Behold! Beauty Beneath Bridge! Or, Beauty Beneath Ballard’s Bridge.

I know! Behold! Beautiful Beneath BALLARD’S BRIDGE!

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