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That Guy in the River

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It’s Monday and it’s going to be 65 degrees. It was rainy all weekend so Charley and I didn’t do a lot. I tried to complete trivial things such as sewing the button back on a shirt I really love, organizing my pictures, or untangling my cords behind my tv. Pain in the butt, yet very satisfying if completed.

I didn’t get much completed. It’s extremely difficult when Charley is either deliberately shooting laser beams out of her eyes at me, wondering why we can’t play ball inside, or hurl her Indestructible Ball down the hallway, outside, which we’ve done before. . Her Last ditch effort is to bust out her adorable cute moves that always gets me laughing)( Definition of Laughter )til I am saying, “Awww….” Ok. She wins.

This weekend, being cooped up with a non-stop bigger than life, cyborg Charley Waffle in a teeny tiny apartment was tough. I was a bit tired of her stare, and the way she was following me everywhere…..EVERYWHERE. Sweet little girl. They say (U mean Caesar Milan) that is what they do in the wild when they are in packs. They stick together.

I have to admit I was glad to go to work Monday, but I could tell she had really liked us hanging out as close as we had to did. Her morning Monday woes seemed worse that morning and I was feeling guilty about wanting to leave for the day ASAP.

Before I leave, I usually put on DOG TV, or DR SAXLOVE, or anything that is slow jazz, but I tried to think of something different she might want to watch.

Suddenly I remembered getting home one day to YouTube playing a whole new set of videos on the tv I’d never seen, on a loop. This particular video had this guy who resembled the paper towel BRAWNY’’s brother, in a canoe with a couple of dogs, one dog on the canoe, the other 2 swimming around in the water. One of the dog’s name was Charley, so every time Brawny’s Bro would say something to his Charley, my Charley was all ears. I sat down and began to watch it with Charley, and before I knew it I was completely absorbed.

He ad-libs during the videos, chatting about each dog, talking about temperament, differences, about their different personalities, regardless of the breed, and what each one likes, all the time firmly but gently guiding them in a training session.

I wanted to put a few of those videos on for her to watch that morning, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name, or site title. Even searching my history I was not able to find this mysterious mountain man.

I couldn’t think of anything else so inside the box of Google search I typed in “THAT GUY IN THE RIVER’ ON A CANOE WITH DOGS.”? I had tried googling TRAINING YOUR DOG TO GO ON A CANOE.” Other renditions were executed, but I ended up with who I was looking for.

His name is STONNIE DENNIS. I really like his videos, with his Kentucky drawl and laid back approach. He was pretty knowledgeable when it came to all different kind of breeds, and he didn’t seem to be like the main stream dog trainer that I usually see on several YouTube videos. I like his name as well. I had an uncle by the name of Dennis. Maybe that is why…


Mountain Man Stonnie

So, if somebody is looking for a different and unique YOUTUBE DIY dog training video, Stonnie Dennis has several ones out there. Or, if looking for some music to calm your pet, or even another human down, please check out DogTv, or Dr.SaxLove. That will also lead to other calming videos anywhere from meditation to rejuvination to relaxation. It is what we listen to every nite at 10:00 p.m. that works every time. I usually go to sleep within 10 minutes of listening to them, only to awake with drool on my pillow. Gross, I know. But truth!

The other morning I woke up to Charley lying right next to me, both of us on our back, our heads together, with her 2 front feet fully extended, and her snoring. No joke!

**Written 5/16/2022 monday
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