Seems like old times

These last few days have been jammed-packed with my “Adventures with Charley” leading to those days blending into one or running into 5. Twice, in two days, my Saturday and Sunday, this weekend, I woke up to my alarm, and as usual, rustled out of bed, turned on the news, and realized my usual Monday – Friday anchor people weren’t hosting the news, and relatively no morning M-F traffic could be heard outside my window. Then I realized I had another full day of Charley’s shenanigans. Because I happen to have a lot of fun with her shenanigans.

All I really have to say is that it is reminding me of old times of running around with the adolescent Charley Waffle, and the fun we used to have in the beginning, although I didn’t realize it at that time. I got her right in the heart of Co-vid, about the end of October, (she was born 9/8/2020) which made her a full-blown funky puppy full of unbridled fierceness and confidence about this time last year. I am also talking about the totally different dynamics we had back then than we do now. I can’t even keep up with everything I want to share with everyone who will listen about her growth, her personality, my inner changes, my life, and her achievements because it is so rich and amazing yet so trying yet so just want to pinch her yet kiss her yet send her to a cousin’s for a month to “don’t ever leave me Charley, because I don’t know what I would do without you!!!!”

I initially started writing this blog because I had gotten her at a really dark time in my life, and other’s and in history and I wanted to see if she would help me to look past myself and see what changes may have occurred within myself because my ugly had gotten so ugly and that I was just ugly. I have never looked up blogging, nor did I know anything about it, for I’ve been gone from technology for over 10 years, so I really didn’t, and still don’t know what it is all about. All I know is that I wanted to write about this little puppy that I felt I needed at that time. I realized then and now that was a selfish thing on my part, but I do know that I have always loved every pet I’ve ever “owned.” All of them came into my life at certain times, and not once have I ever sought them out except for my Charley Waffle. And I picked her off a random look at Craiglist because I felt sorry for how ugly I thought she was. No joke. (I still think she looks like an underfed hyena.) But, I knew that no matter what I would always make sure my pet was safe and happy, and that meant that I had to exist for that reason alone. I never knew that I was going to get way over my head with this alien hybrid, cyborg, dingo, cattle dog-my-ass dog that I named Charley. All because she kept getting into trouble at 6 weeks old to where I was always saying “Sorry, Charley, sorry Charley…” Oh hey, that’s a cute name….let me call her Charley…..” Should have just stuck with “Stop it! NO!!! Stop!! NO!!”

So here are some pictures that I’ve taken on our adventures, for I find I’ve got no time to stop and write much. Plus, I’m pretty worn down in a good way when we get home, and all I really want to do is sit outside with her or flush her down a toilet. Either way, it’s difficult to put it all on paper. All I know is that it reminds me of last year, of old times.





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