“I really want to go…”

Charley is fighting me in wearing her harness. I get ready to go (we were going to go to Green Lake) and she hears the harness coming out and she quickly runs into her room. I usually close the door before I bring it out but I forgot this time. It’s just funny, I’m trying to coax her and this is what she does. Seriously Charley? Ok. You are going to miss out!

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A lot of things can happen in a half century. Life is so weird. From Colorado, moved to CA, lived in Darby, MT, moved to WA. Became homeless for 7 years total. Changed my perspective. Subsidized housing. Recently found out I'm adopted. 50 % Polish, 50 % Belgium, 1st generation. Have my Charley Waffle, and just try to roll with whatever comes our way!