Crows Love Charley

Charley would love to kill obliterate them

We are at a park in Wallingford. They just had a double homicide here which is totally unheard of in this neighborhood. They’ve not released any information about the victims or suspects or anything. I think they don’t want to have their reputation ruined. It was right by the playground that sits behind the Good Shepard Church, by Meridian Park. We frequent that park regularly. Not at 12:30 am when it supposedly happened, but still. It’s weird when something like that hits so “close to home.”

But, keeping it dark but light, Charley is acting a homicidal maniac when it comes to the crows. However, the more I observe them I realize they are quite silly. And witty. And smart.

I think that is what drives her crazy. I think she has been outwitted. I’ve never seen such fierce determination along with a foreign, deep guttural bark that she does when she realized she just got nipped in the rear by a dive bombing bird. Not just one, but a few. Then it seems as if they taunt her from the trees. Constant squawk back and forth. She gets so flustered and runs from Tree to Tree trying to scale it to get to the branch they are perched on.

I started to notice during our morning outing of waking the bunnies that two birds would come out of nowhere and literally dive bomb her, almost nipping her rear end. I thought it was a fluke but the more it happened I realized it was a planned attack.

About the The crows and Charlie she’s sitting here I’ve noticed there’s a couple of them when we come to this park there’s a couple of them that mess with her and they come swooping down at her and like now there’s like one to 345 I believe I’m counting five of them they’re all calculator and she’s standing right uthere as a brace of the tree and now she just changed one away so I’m gonna take a picture of her at the base of the tree

This last paragraph was talk to text. I hope I can figure it out later. I love talk to text. Al





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