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I have to say that sometimes things work in the most mysterious ways. I was feeling very discouraged and defeated regarding Charley Waffle. I even told her one night, “Ok, you win! Ok! I’m done!” I didn’t know that we were keeping score, but for some reason I felt like it has been a battle of wills. Call it Alpha, Alpha, whatever.

I took her out again tonight because it is so dang hot, and she still hadn’t reached her goal on what I count a sufficient running time for her, and what I’ve learned, other Australian Shepard/Collie/Blue Healer-kinda breeds need. She does require at least a good 3 hour straight exercise regimen a day for her to settle down, along with a few 1 hour walks, plus some mental stimulation. I am not lying when I say she is part cyborg.

I happened to run into 2 blue healer/aussie-whatever weirdo dog mix owners on our last walk of the night. We went to our regular 4:30 a.m. place because it is somewhat safe and is patrolled. The first were this couple that had a 1 1/2 year old, and asked if their dog could play with Charley. “Please,” I said. They seemed so calm with their dog, even as they were telling me that she had to go on numerous runs a day, to parks at least once, and that their dog was a handful. They too had to come out again to run their dog, telling me similar stories of the abundance of energy and extreme intelligence of theirs. One of them used to live on a horse farm with healers, so she was used to them, but had never owned one. But still, they seemed so at peace with it all.

After an hour or so of the 2 dogs running around, they left and went on their way and I was left with Charley looking bright eyed and ready to go. I turned my head around, and somebody else had entered the little area and were looking at Charley & I. What I saw made me smile. There was another blue healer-mix-weirdo with their owner. Wow.

Turns out hers was about 12 years old, and had slowed considerably down, but still was feisty to butt heads with her. They were “fighting” at the moment, which I could relate. They were butting heads. Oh my gosh. Somebody else.

We got to talking and she asked how old Charley was. She’ll be 2 on Sept 6th. She told me that usually around 4 and 5 they mellow, which is better than the 10 years I was told. She also told me that I was in the worst years for this kind of dog. Then she said magical words, “They are the most smart, sneaky, funny, quirky dogs and get me every time.” Turns out her dog was a lot like Charley in it’s younger years. I felt so incredibly relieved. It was so nice to hear a couple of owners were and had been through a lot similar incidents that I have been through. That helps so much.

Oh yeah, I also don’t want to forget that earlier that day I met somebody from Australia! She had happened to come over because of Charley. She said that she owns one similar, and gave me a little run down on the breed. The whole time she was smiling at Charley, telling me that was her favorite kind of dog, and she could tell mine was well taken care of, and spoiled. She added in the sweet part when Charley sat on her feet and demanded to be pet. Can’t have anything she can’t have, I’ve realized.

So, all in all it was a very good day. Or was it 2 days? 2 days and a night? I don’t know anymore. I am just glad I met some kindred spirits that I stumbled upon. Sometimes I think angels come out of nowhere at just the right time. I really do.

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