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“The New York Wheel will tower more than 60 stories over New YORK City, making it one of the World’s Tallest Ferris wheels.”

From 2015 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything 3) National Geographic Kids.

Supposedly it was to be displayed in early of 2017. but funding , internal fighting, various construction and proposal issues led to halting production indefinitely. The initial design and construction crew were fired, and everything ceased until new contracting company decided to take it over. It was then pushed out for a 2019 date. Investors had already spent $450 MILLION dollars, and rent for the developers to store the parts ran $400,00 a month.

The final cancellation was in October 2019. The developers, however, did not cancel the lease which was $1 million dollars annually, and was ongoing until November 2021.

The New York Eye was to have 36 cars holding 40 people, making a full capacity of 1440 passengers, and would have created 400 construction jobs and 700 full time jobs.

Each leg weighed 500 tons, and each pedestal’s weighed 100 tons. The height was going to be 630 feet tall, which is 80 feet higher than the Las Vegas wheel. The legs and parts ended up being auctioned off in 2019. I am not sure where they ended up.

That is a lot of steel and a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Silly people. Shame on you. I wish I had funny money like that. It actual ending estimate was over $1 billion dollars.

It would have been pretty awesome to see, though. 1 ton equals 2000 pounds. That is absolutely awesome.

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