I am ready

I have not been on lately posting. Every time, yes, every time I am out and about there is so many little short stories, or interesting tidbits, or funny things. That is one thing I try to think. Every little minute I believe can be found a multitude of short stories. I don’t know if any one else feels that way, but there are times I could write a whole book on just one day of life.

I realized when I would hang out with my friend, Mike, who drives, that my reality is so much different. Not my reality, but what I am able to witness and finding little places that I would have never found if I had a car. Don’t get me wrong, I am working on getting a car, after paying off a 4,000 dollar fee. In the meantime I am just going to absorb as much as I can. We (Charley and I) find parks, treasures, and know all the shortcuts to get to places. The SHOE LEATHER EXPRESS is my means of transportation. But, man, we could go to so many other places if I had a car. So many dog parks. So many open fields. So many mountains. Some day.

I just am going to post things on the spot I think. I am not going to worry too much about my layout, even though I know how I’d like it, it’s just the task of flipping the old into the new.

Charley lost her ball

We went out on Christmas Eve, after the freezing rain stopped and we were able to walk to our parking lot to play frisbee and ball. Well, the lot we were on is on top of a parking garage at a slight slope. There are wired cables that block off that lot for safety. But there is an opening all the way around that I know tennis balls can fit in that gap and fall down to the parking garage never to be seen again. This ball,, though, was bigger, nicer (is that a word?) kinda bouncy rubber Kong ball that glows in the dark has become her FAVORITE ball. She gets so excited when she sees it. She’ll even drop her frisbee for that ball. I don’t know what it is about balls and dogs, but there are times I wish they were never invented, or whoever introduced the ball to dogs made them so they were a deterrent. Dogs in the wild don’t have balls. I did meet a dog that did not know what to do with a ball, but he also lived on a ranch where there sheep. Much better than balls. Well, we were playing, her with a frisbee in her mouth, running after the ball and stopping it with her back legs or with the frisbee, and she caught it before it just rolled down to that little danger spot, and I really didn’t think it would fit, but because of the weight it gained momentum. I watched it just roll in that perfect spot and drop down into tOh my gosh. To console Charley was intense. First I was not able to recall her as she ran, almost flew, out of the parking lot and into the alley and parked herself right by the gate. I kept telling her it was stuck, let’s get home and I will use your flirt pole to wedge it out. By this time it was pouring, pouring rain, but she just paced back and forth. I had on a puffy jacket that had turned into a soggy towel, and I felt the water in my shoes had caused me to have wet socks. I hate wet socks. I really do. After almost 30 minutes of us walking up to the parking lot, down to the garage gate, over and over, I finally used what I know makes her come. I walk off. I don’t like doing that for she seems to get clingy afterwards. But I had to! She was that determined. Poor little girl.

After we got home, I grabbed the pvc pipe that I’d turned into an oversize cat toy (flirt pole) and headed back out to see if I could work magic.

I stuck the pipe in between the fencing and concrete and was able to make contact with the ball. I unwedged it, or the pipe did, and I watched it one more time roll down to the garage. That sucked. The garage is locked until Monday. If I only had left the ball there and wait until Monday morning when the garage is open.

Before I left I tortured myself by peering through the gates of the garage and led my eyes to where it had been dropped, and TA-DA. It was at a complete stop. Stopped in a parking stall. Just sitting.

Oh my gosh. I called the building that owns the lot, but it was a call center. I explained the situation, she gave me some sympathy, said she couldn’t do anything. I even have written notes and put them in between the doors that read :

To whom it may concern, My dog and I were playing on the upper lot, and her ball fell and is sitting there waiting to be back with it's owner.  Please leave it at the front desk, or call this number xxx-xx-xxxx  It's her favorite ball, and she would be ever so grateful."

Pretty lame and cheesy, but that ball cost me $8.  I had only bought it with my order online to reach the total to get free shipping from Petco.  I didn't know it was going to be such a hit. I was going to put it in one of the top toys for dogs.
We will see on Monday.  Poor little girl.  She really loves that ball.

Check out the Frisbee.

Oh, I forgot to write about how to make a flirt pole out of PVC pipe. That’ll be another post.





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