Starting to feel a little like summer….

Today was a pretty good day for Charley and I. We caught the bus down towards this one off- leash park, or extended dog run, we had found last year during one of our summer outings. It is located under the freeway, tucked away behind in an East Lake neighborhood. I had walked right by it and had to turn around it’s so camouflaged and gets swallowed in the background. The only reason I was able to detect it was the metal gray handrails surrounding flights of stairs. There are two gates at both ends of this amazingly long dog run. There are stairs to run up and down, or sit. It’s fully enclosed so I can take the leash off of Charley.

I took off her leash, hoping (praying) she’d start her spastic run. Like the one she gets after a bath, or when she’s so excited she just runs in circles for a good minute. I wanted her to run, run, run. But she didn’t. She stood there looking back at me, waiting for me to engage. She just wanted me to play with her the whole time, as always.

*** One thing I’ve learned with Australian/Collie/herder dogs is they become very owner oriented. And, as somebody told me, very demanding. They are right. FULL ATTENTION IS AN ORDER when out and about. And they are very persistent. Or at least Charley is. ***

The one thing I don’t like about the dog run is the gravel. It’s full of big and small gravel, and poofs of dust gather when stirred. Charley’s ball becomes like a ball of cookie dough that gets rolled in nuts, which she didn’t care for. She was spitting out dust and sneezing. But it’s pretty cool, and there aren’t a lot of downtown dog parks in Seattle. I also don’t have a car which limits me on where we go. I can’t just hop in the car and take her to Edmond’s Dog Beach, which is a bummer because that place is amazing. The beach is split in two, one half of it has dogs, with 2 gates leading onto the beach so there’s no chance of a loose dog. The other side is for people and their family and sailboards, beach balls, and grandparents. I’ll write about that beach later.

After the under the freeway fun I suddenly remembered across the street were a few tiny piers and a few little boat launches. The water came right up to the little beach allowing Charley to gradually go into the water. We had stumbled on this little park the same day we had found the park under the freeway last summer.

There is actually two little parks there, Fairview Park and Terry Petus Park. We visited both. They are probably 50 feet away from each other.

It was such a nice day. It was 56 degrees and the sun was shining. The weather had that slight crisp winter feel but it was definitely over-shadowed by the sun’s warmth. It wasn’t windy, which helped otherwise it would’ve been a cold 56. I pulled out only 1 of the Hyperlight discs she has, and began tossing it far in the water where she would swim out to and come back. It’s so cute. Her little face above water with the disc in her mouth, and, I swear, a look of determination and a little bit of fear. She loved it. She started doing these weird yelp, yelp sounds and finally broke into that erratic run I was waiting for.

We finally went home after a couple hours of that. She could’ve and would have gone all night long.

That’s when I realized it’s feeling like summer. I had welcomed the coming of winter because of the short days with open arms this year. I have loved the fact it gets dark early, so it makes 5 o clock feel really late, called evening. No more sun available to take Charley out for our second wind.

Not in summer. 5 o clock is considered still day and 10 o clock becomes evening. During the summer I would take Charley out before I left for work, come back and we’d travel somewhere and it would last a good 4 hours. Then, around 4 o clock she’d be getting antsy, so we’d go out for another 3 hours. What I am saying is that in the summer, because of the sun shining longer, one day with Charley Waffle feels like 2 days. And I am not kidding. I remember last summer I was always confused on what day it was. Was it Saturday? Friday?

Our activity filled day was like it was in summer. We clocked 7.5 miles. However, in summer we would go out for another adventure after this. I am being reminded of summer is around the bend. SUMMER IS COMING!!! We are in training.





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