Suckling Sisters

Charley and the new addition, Stella Vader, have this little habit that is cute but kind of intense. They don’t hear me or anything when they do this. Charley gets busy when it’s bedtime, 10 p.m. That is when music time happens. I go to You Tube and ask for slow jazz, or sleep music, or our favorite, DR SAX LOVE, and once the melody comes over the t.v. she looks to her velour blanket and starts suckling it. She’ll grab it with her teeth and pull it up to her. It has all of these holes from her suckling on it. But what is interesting is her determination. She seems focused yet fuzzy, her ears become these little soft fluffy and lopey (?) and amazingly cute. I can sit there and stare at her, go right up almost face to face. I’ll see her eyes peek for a moment out of her haze, but that is it. She is fixated. I got her at 6 weeks.

Stella Vader does the same thing. When I first got her, I think she was maybe 4 weeks old. Way young. She didn’t know how to eat and wanted to suck on my fingers. So she became attached to a bath rug I have. She will sprawl on it and just start suckling away. She also becomes fixated. This is so stupid of me, but I cut some pieces from the bath rug and put them around where she likes to kick it. She will come up to me, and then immediately start frantically look around for her patch of rug. So I’ll grab one and off she goes. Purring, clawing, suckling…… I call it her “MAMA”. “Go get Mamma” I’ll tell her. Kinda weird.

I don’t like bath rugs anyway. They don’t stay in place, and start getting funky if it gets ignored. I didn’t mind cutting the thing up.

I almost started this sentence with So, but realized how much I was using it. So,, (see) at 10:00pm I’ll announce it’s music time, even though they both know what time it is. Charley gets in her position. Stella crawls up on the bed. I click on a video that says “SLEEP WELL” . That’s when they go to town.

I was sitting there watching this not knowing what to think. Then I had to giggle. I call them the SUCKLE SISTERS. That is one of the times they seem to agree.

That’s her blue blankie




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