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The Great Gatsby and Charley Waffle

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I didn’t realize that “The Great Gatsby” is an individual. I just found this out, and I feel kind of silly stupid. I knew that it had something to do with the 20’s and I assumed The Great Gatsby was a term for a mini mob or something like that. I remember the “NOW SHOWING” poster when the movie came out, but I’ve not a clue on who stars in it, nothing. I wasn’t interested. Just another gangster gang in a Hollywood 20’s era movie.

But, Alas, I happened to stumbled upon the book “The Great Gatsby” and decided to take it home to read because I happened to see the author, F- SCOTT FITZGERALD. It took me about 5 months to even start the book because of Charley. Everything is her fault!

But I was confused. I have read ever single Great Brain book by FITZGERALD and absolutely ate them up. Did he also write grown-up books? My Fitzgerald is John D Fitzgerald. This book is by a F-Scott Fitzgerald. Well then, I have to read this book “The GREAT GATSBY” if it is written by my Fitzgerald.

I went down the rabbit hole on the internet and I believe the FITZGERALDS are different. I do know that F Scott Fitzgerald is a legend and his writing is sublime, but is it the same Fitzgerald when reading “The Great Brain” in my childhood and he changed his name?

I still don’t know with absolute certainty. That’s a whole other story. An entry on all the Fitzgeralds. There is a lot of them.

This is what I do know. Charley will try her dangest to stop me from reading a book. Everything to whining (which makes me cringe) to barking, (which is a new thing), to pushing her head in between my book and my eyes, obstructing my view and ending up winning.

So I thought of a new thing to make her feel that she belongs. Part of the pack.

I now read to her. I am reading “The Great Gatsby” to Charley, and she loves it. She immediately stopped her rebellion and started suckling on her blue velour blanket. Totally content.

That is my new night thing. We start getting ready for bed at 10, I play Soft Jazz or Dr Sax Love on YouTube, and lay in bed and start reading.

I feel I earned a point in my challenge of keeping Charley entertained and interested. Seriously.

And I might be able to tear through a few books that have been tossed put in the section of “Books I Have to Read”. And maybe be able to write more without too much resistance.

It is a win-win situation.

Right now she is listening to my narration as I type and she just started to suckle her blankie. Yay!


“In my younger and more vulnerable years…”

F.Scott-Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”
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