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5000 Awesome Facts

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35 Awesome Facts About Alaska

With a land area of 570,374 square miles (1,477262 sq km), Alaska is LARGER than the U.S. states of Texas, California, and Montana combined.

National Geographic Kids, 5,000 facts

I’ve moved on from Ferris wheels to the 35 facts on Alaska. This is from the National Geographic Kids, 2015, a book I happened to pick up when I was on a walk with Charley. I wanted to check on these facts and what made them so awesome, and to see if anything changed in 6 years, 2023.

I looked up the land area and Google lets me know: Land area: “With 586,412 square miles, or about 365,000,000 acres, Alaska is the largest state in the union and; one-fifth the size of the lower 48 states. Area per person: Approximately . 91 square mile per person. Diameter: East to west, 2,400 miles; north to south, 1,420 miles”.

California has a land area of 163,696 square miles, 39.24 million people, Montana, the 4th largest state, has 163,696 square miles, 1.104 Million people, and Texas with a 268,969 land area and 30 million people.

I took a look on a map to get a better idea of how large Alaska is. It is pretty large, and to me evokes a feeling of unease. My one fact on Alaska is this;

It also has the most missing people, 1 out of 617, or 2,250 total. That’s my awesome fact. Pretty scary. Maybe that will be one of the 34 facts left.

Not much has changed since 2015 as far as population and land area.


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