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5000 Awesome Facts

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I am on Fact #3 of 15 about Ferris Wheels in the National Geographic for Kids.

2015, Fact #3

“You can ride a HUMAN POWERED Ferris Wheel in India, with park employees using their BODY WEIGHT to help turn the wheel.


In India, Myanmar, Ferris Wheel riders don’t have to rely on the unreliability of electricity or steam engines to ruin their Ferris fun when they ride on the Human Powered Wheel. Two of these Ferris Wheel are owned by Myint Thamada, a group that travels 8 months out of the year to 20 pagoda festivals that are carried out throughout India. Usually they stop at one for an 8-10 day stint, then pack up and travel to the next festival.

Employed are usually people from 16 years on up, or whoever can stand up to the physical demands of the job. The most common injuries are sprained ankles and wrists. There has not been any serious injuries like there has been with other Ferris Wheels. There has been 12 carnival workers that have died from assembling and disassembling Ferris Wheels since 1985. In 2006 there was a 34 year old worker that died when he fell and got tangled in the wires and was electrocuted. These facts have not been fully checked.

The individual cars are loaded up with passengers, pushed forward by employees on the ground to start the rotation, while others scale up and around the 20′ wheel. There, they can maintain the wheel using their own body weight and aerobatic grace and ability.

Source; and Anthony Bourdin’s, ah damn, I am not that agile in this game of Word Press to list what to click on, all I know it is Anthony Bourdains human powered wheel. I am unprofessional, I know. God bless Anthony. I appreciate you, man.

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