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Charley meets a puppy

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We ventured out this past weekend to go visit a friend that just recently lost his dog after 11 years and had just brought home a new puppy about 2 weeks ago.

I was excited because I thought Charley would be over the moon to finally meet someone of her kind with the same kind of energy that she had. I envisioned them running around the big open field that was across the street and getting along and the birds would sing and butterflies would flit and flutter around them.

I was so wrong. It started when our friend got to the door and this energetic, very rollie pollie bundle came running out and suddenly Charley wasn’t the puppy anymore. She had been upstaged.

It was painfully obvious to both of us how hurt and betrayed she felt. It went from over trying to get attention from my friend and moved to his girlfriend and to her actually dropping her ball right at my feet.

It ended up with a quiet ride home, her back to me and lasted all into the rest of the afternoon until she got hungry.

Poor little girl. Welcome to the Real World.


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