We (Charley & I) were walking home after playing at the park behind Harborview when suddenly Charley singled out this gal that was standing with two other people waiting for the bus. She was kneeling down and didn’t see Charley coming. I actually didn’t clue in until I heard the girl say, “Oh thank you! Thank you so much!” I looked at her and noticed Charley went right up to her and nestled by her legs and started to lean on her. Then, I was shocked. She turned her nose up and since the gal was squatting their faces were on the same level. She gave her this really gentle kiss. I was shocked. Really.

After that, the gal stood up and that’s when Charley went over to the guy in the group and rubbed on his leg like a kitty cat and proceeded to lean on him. He started petting her in which she ate up, and gave him these loving eyes that demanded more. I really haven’t seen her act so lovingly with strangers so I was perplexed.

They thanked me again (?) for that little moment they had with Charley, but I felt like “Thank You!” to them, so I said “NO! Thank you!” Anything that gives Charley some attention is great.

The last person that was there I noticed Charley didn’t go up to her and didn’t really even go close to her. Charley got within in inch of her and quickly turned her back. I was embarrassed, and tried to coax her to give everybody attention when the gal said, “I am not a dog person. Not at all. 115 stiches made me that way.” She threw in another “NOT AT ALL.” Oh, that’s why. “I’m sorry,” I said feeling bad that I had been trying to get Charley to say hi to her. She is scared of dogs. Told me it got her in the stomach and the arm. How horrible. I think I mumbled, “You wouldn’t get that from her.” How dumb. I just didn’t know what to say.

That is why she stayed away. She had “NO DOGS” vibe. I was taken back. Charley used to go up to everyone, some more reluctantly than others, but has never turned her back and make it so obvious she wasn’t having anything to do with her. People say that dogs can pick up on people which I half-believe, but to see her do what she did and then find out the gal was sending out stay away vibes.

The other two people said that nothing in particular happened to them to create a reaction that Charley had. I was still getting over her soft attention she had handed out to the other two. I wondered if Charley picked up on the gal’s vibes before we even got to them and that is why she zeroed in to get acceptance from the friends.

I don’t know. I asked Charley “what was that about?” She just ignored me.

Has anybody else’s dog acted that way towards strangers?






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